Glenn Capelli

Professional Speaker and Trainer

Glenn Capelli delivers powerful and provocative ideas for todays world. Glenn’s contemporary methodology, real life examples and relatable stories will help you create sustainable high-performance workplaces and relationships. Delivered in a clear, precise and engaging presentation style, you’ll think, laugh, discuss, extend and walk away with immediately applicable and practical strategies.

Glenn Capelli has delivered a message of creativity, dynamic thinking, innovation and high-performance leadership to audiences around the world.

An author, songwriter and radio and television presenter, Glenn has emerged as one of Australia’s most awarded and sought after professional speakers.

A member of MENSA, Glenn is also a former ‘hobo’ who as a young man backpacked his way around the world for seven years, working in a variety of roles including a fish farmer on kibbutz in Israel, a comedian in Los Angeles, a travel writer in Kenya and a summer-camp counsellor in North Carolina.

In 1987 he returned to Australia and was awarded the prestigious Winston Churchill Fellowship, which he used to further his research into advanced ways of thinking and learning methodology.

Throughout the 1990’s his award-winning cable television series Born to Learn aired weekly to an audience of over 26 million households across the USA.

Glenn is one of the very few professional speakers in Australia to have won all three highest professional speaking industry awards. Educator of the Year in 2006, the Nevin Award in 2007 and Keynote Speaker of the Year 2013.

For five years his live radio program Thinking Caps broadcast weekly on Radio 3AW in Melbourne and Thinking Caps the book has sold more than 7,000 copies.

Glenn’s audiences range from primary school students and teachers in the most remote outback regions of Australia, to the CEO’s of the some of the largest corporate organizations in the world.

His unique presentation style and ability to apply a diversity of teaching methodologies have made him an internationally renowned speaker across a diverse range of industries and in constant demand worldwide.

Glenn’s presentation portfolio includes conference keynotes and theme-weaving, workshops, program design and facilitation, training and one-to-one coaching and mentoring.

Glenn uses his participatory, humorous and entertaining presentation techniques to show audiences how to become more flexible thinkers, leaders and life-long learners in today’s fast paced world.

Glenn Capelli talks about:

Glenn Capelli has a unique presentation style that makes learning come alive. His approach blends methodology and practical content, humour and involvement to make sure all participants get to experience learning and thinking in richer, deeper and more innovative ways.

Participants work alone, in pairs and in groups and can expect to think, stretch, discuss, listen and laugh while being actively involved in the process of discovering new skills and learning about ways to live and work smarter. His presentations are multi-stimulating and use visuals, music, wit, wisdom, activity and interaction to communicate the messages, speed the learning and enhance the results.

Glenn is recognised worldwide as a content expert in the field of thinking and learning. When he teaches you something, it really sticks! He believes it has to be fun, has to have energy and has to be useful.

Glenn custom designs his presentations to best match the individual needs of each client. Feel free to browse the list and download anything you‘d like to explore, then talk to us to discover the possibilities for your next event.

  • 5 Alive – Working Smarter in a Crazy World
  • Leadership 123 – Building Culture, Character and Group Genius
  • The Communication Playground – Effective Conversations for Better Relationships
  • FLOW – Creating Sustainable High Performance Workplaces
  • HOPS Higher Order Presentation Skills – Brilliant Design and Delivery Ideas to make you a Better Communicator
  • Quad Squad – Powerful, Provocative and Prominent Ideas from four frontline Thinkers

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