Gina Chick

Survivalist, Rewilding Facilitator & Writer

Gina Chick is an international rewilding facilitator, helping people of all ages learn to be at home in the wild.

Her nature connection programmes weave ancestral hunter-gatherer technologies into modern life, mining strategies that kept Homo Sapiens alive for 350 000 years for lessons to enrich our lives now.

She recently spent 67 days surviving in the subzero Tasmanian wilderness in the middle of winter, completely solo and often barefoot. She wove a waterproof shelter, slept in a hand-sewn possum fur coat and lived on fried worms, lizards, grubs, trout, eel and even a wallaby she jumped on one night while out for a pee. Gina filmed her adventures with a photographer’s eye for beauty and inspired 1.5 million people to look at nature differently along the way.

She runs Rewild Your Child camps eight weeks a year, where 200 people come together to create a village in the wilderness, focusing on nature connection. These were Australia’s first rewilding family camps and have been running for over a decade. She also runs solo wilderness rite of passage programmes and group survival quests.

The daughter and granddaughter of bestselling authors, Gina’s articles have appeared in The Guardian,, Mamamia and You can find her hugely popular blog, Unmet Friends, on Substack. Her first book is due in 2024.

Gina’s presence is electric. She taps into universal chords of human experience, drawing from her experience and adventures worldwide to offer pathways through the wilderness within and without. Her stories of challenge, redemption and inspiration sing with warmth, depth and humour and offer resolution to questions of belonging and connection most humans struggle with. She is a 5Rhythms dance meditation teacher and singer-songwriter and often incorporates somatics and even song into her presentations. An hour with Gina is a journey through a vastly textured landscape, an adventure likely to leave you feeling inspired and connected and ready to embrace the wild in all its forms, possibly even without shoes.

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