Gihan Perera

Futurist, Speaker, Author and AI Researcher

Gihan Perera is a business futurist, conference speaker, AI researcher, and author who shows you how to be fit for the future in a fast-changing world.

Has disruption – from employee burnout, hybrid work, AI, global uncertainty, and more – shaken up your world? Are your people looking for clear leadership in this time of massive change? Do you want to be more confident in chaos and uncertainty?

For more than 25 years, he has worked with organisations and leaders throughout Australia and the world, helping them to lead in uncertainty, act with clarity and confidence, and thrive in a fast-changing world.

He is the author of Disrupted, Disruption By Design, The Future of Leadership, and ten other books.

Through his keynote presentations, interactive masterclasses, and in-depth leadership programs, he shares future trends and thought-provoking insights – delivered with interaction, engagement, and humour – that leave people feeling positive, empowered, and optimistic about their future.

Forbes magazine rated him the #5 social media influencer in the world (and #1 in Australia) in his area of expertise.

He has always taken the lead in embracing emerging technologies and trends, from his university thesis in AI more than 30 years ago, to leading a software development team building the infrastructure for the early Internet, founding one of Australia’s first Web development companies in 1996, teaching thought leaders how to create e-learning platforms, and helping business leaders with scenario planning to lead their teams into the future.

Gihan is one of Australia’s leading online presenters, and has been delivering online presentations since 2009.  Citrix (the company behind GoToWebinar) engaged him to teach their clients around the world how to run better online presentations. Garr Reynolds, author of the world-renowned bestseller Presentation Zen, asked him to write the online presentations section for the book.

He is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the only internationally recognised designation for professional speakers. His formal background is in science and AI, with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Western Australia. But he’s always been interested in people and the way they communicate – and how to become fit for the future, so they embrace change, act on opportunities, and live happier lives.


Gihan Perera talks about:

Fit For The Future
Thriving, Not Just Surviving, in a Fast-Changing World

In an era of rapid change marked by digital growth, climate action, evolving workplace norms, AI, and more, it’s easy to think the future is outside our control. But that’s not true. We all have the opportunity to shape the future – and that starts now.

Leveraging AI
Humans and Machines – Better Together

The AI revolution is here, and ChatGPT has made it real for millions around the world. If you’re not already engaging with AI, you’re falling behind. But it’s not as simple as just switching it on and hoping for the best!

Seeing Into The Future
Practical Foresight For A Fast-Changing World

Welcome to a world where uncertainty, change, and disruption rule! The best leaders don’t promise certainty, but they offer more clarity and confidence so we can all make better, more well-informed decisions now.

Customers On Your Side
Engaging The Customer Of The Future

The world’s in flux, and so are your customers. Are you keeping up? Your future success depends on leaders who can navigate uncertainty, teams with a customer-first mindset, and a culture that embraces change.

Bright Sparks
Building a Culture of Change Agents

Disruption and innovation are both about change, but it’s disruption when change happens to you and innovation when you create the change yourself. Make innovation part of your team’s DNA and build a culture that drives sustained success.

Future-Ready Leaders
From Chaos and Confusion to Clarity and Confidence

We have already faced years of change and uncertainty, and there’s more to come. More than ever, we need leaders to step up and lead the way – providing clarity and confidence in the face of chaos and confusion.

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