Georgie Dent

Author, Former Lawyer and Advocate

Georgie Dent is a best-selling author, former lawyer and prominent advocate for women’s empowerment, gender equality and children. She is the CEO of The Parenthood, a not-for-profit parent advocacy group with a reach of over 80,000 parents, carers and supporters. The Parenthood campaigns for paid parental leave, access to quality early childhood education and care and family-friendly workplaces.

She is a regular guest on The Today Show and The Project, and has made appearances on Q&A, Lateline, The Drum, Weekend Sunrise, Studio 10 and Sky News. Her work has appeared in The Guardian, The Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald, Sunday Life, Marie Claire, The New Daily and Harpers Bazaar. She has researched and published work on subjects from parental leave equality, violence against women, childcare, sexism, pay equity and women in leadership.

Georgie is the author of Breaking Badly, a memoir that was published by Affirm Press in May 2019 to critical acclaim. Annabel Crabb described it as ‘funny, shocking, beautifully written, a fascinating account of one woman’s hand-to-hand combat with her own mind’.

She was recognised for her advocacy in the inaugural Women’s Empowerment Journalism Awards in Singapore in 2014, where she was a finalist in the journalist of the year category. In 2015 she was a finalist in the inaugural Our Watch Walkley Awards to recognise excellent reporting of domestic violence. In 2018, at the invitation of the Swedish Government, Georgie attended the Stockholm Forum on Gender Equality. She was identified as a global change maker who could help intensify efforts for a gender equal world.

In 2021 she won an Edna Ryan award and in 2022 she received a Pro Bono Impact Award. In 2023 she delivered the Maybanke Anderson Lecture.

Georgie Dent talks about:

  • Breaking Badly: A cautionary tale from a woman who fell apart.
  • How I manage anxiety.
  • Why perfectionism isn’t a humblebrag. It’s toxic.
  • Self-care, burn out and why hating your job isn’t the only way to live.
  • Getting real about mental health.
  • True self care is not bubble-baths & chocolate cake.
  • Women. Like men but cheaper.
  • Why homelessness is a crisis for Australian women.
  • Why normalising men as carers will help women at work.
  • Feminism, patriarchy & the whole damn mess.
  • Why merit is a myth.
  • Everything I’ve learned as a female journalist online.

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