Georgia Murch

Conflict and Culture Expert, Author & Keynote Speaker

Georgia has been in the dance of building better cultures and growing better humans for over 25 years. She’s led teams and businesses so understands, and appreciates the complexity of humans and the workplace. She’s done the miles.

Her research and expertise have led her to writing three best-selling books in the feedback, culture and self-development space.

She puts passion on a podium and makes sure there’s no gloom on Zoom. Georgia continues inspiring leaders and people from around the world with her witty, straight-talking, experienced based keynotes.

An incredible communicator in her own right, she is an inspiring speaker that challenges audiences to become better versions of themselves, their workplaces and their homes.

You may have heard of an ‘unconference’ that replaces the conventional structured program of events with free-flowing ideas and conversations. Georgia likes to do the same with her keynotes. Whilst she can do the pre-prepared content to inspire and delight, she finds that audiences love being in the driver’s seat. This is where they get to decide what they want to hear and learn.

Georgia sets the scene about why it’s important and then lets the audience decide what they want to know. It’s fun, interactive and meets people where they are at.

Georgie Speaks About

Feedback that doesn’t suck!
Good feedback makes great cultures.

When we learn how to deliver and receive feedback well, business gets better.
It grows teams, creates high-performance workplaces and helps us grow as humans.
Despite this, feedback can be difficult. We actively avoid it. We don’t like it.
Because we don’t know how to do it well.

We assume telling is feedback.
We hide the key points behind well-meaning words.
Or rip the band-aid off with such force the emotional wake creates more issues than the feedback set out to address.

In this funny and motivating talk, Georgia helps you understand what stops people from stepping into feedback moments.
How people can embrace a different perspective.
To see those moments as growth moments.
For everyone involved.

Throughout the talk, Georgia guides the audience past the obstacles that get in the way of great feedback.
Exposing the irrational and unfounded fears that hold people back from having useful conversations. Helping you recognise the pitfalls. And see feedback as a gift.

The presentation helps the audience:
– Understand the fears that get in the way of having the conversations that matter
– Rewrite some of the beliefs we have about feedback and it’s value
– Build some pragmatic tools to have those conversations in the moment
– Bit a little less serious about feedback and life in general

What triggers you off?
When we work with others, how we react matters.

How often have you been in a meeting, or opened an email, or heard something, and just wanted to explode? To bite back? Or run away?
When we are aggressive and we make life uncomfortable for everyone around us.
When we are too passive and we bottle it all up and take on the stress and discomfort ourselves.
How we respond to tension and conflict can be a game changer.

Throughout this insightful and interactive talk, Georgia helps us understand our conflict style. And what type of things trigger us when we are in these moments.

Once we’re aware of what we’re triggered by, and why, it changes how we communicate – with ourselves and
those around us.

Understanding our conflict response transforms how we make decisions. And helps us build stronger relationships. Filled with insights and helpful techniques, you’ll walk away with greater self-awareness and be able to respond better in these moments.

In this talk, Georgia helps us:
– Understand why responding to feedback is becoming more challenging
– Become aware of the six key triggers that occur in most workplaces
– Develop techniques so we can respond better in the moment
– Be a little more self aware and a little less serious about how we respond


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