George McEncroe

Entrepreneur, Women's Advocate, Comedian, Keynote Speaker and MC

George (Georgina) McEncroe is, quite simply, extraordinary. The innovative business leader who founded Shebah – an all women rideshare – she is also a powerful advocate for women, a comedy and media performer, and an MC and keynote speaker. George is also a divorced mother of four children.

With a unique blend of honesty and inspiration, George can lead discussions, MC or keynote speak on anything from life change, culture shifting, technology, women in leadership, getting girls to the top, diversity, and courage when it counts.

More about George McEnroe:

George McEncroe founded Shebah in the midst of divorce and the realisation that the weight of raising four kids now fell on her shoulders.

Caught in the middle of four kids’ schedules, George knew driving for a rideshare would give her the balance she needed – it also created jobs and a service for women – something that was lacking in this space. A fierce competitor in a field where women are an afterthought,
George has changed the lives of over 1,200 drivers, all of whom were women looking for flexibility, a solid income, and empowerment. In the process, she has also encouraged their financial literacy by providing free consultations with experts… But that’s not all. George is now inspiring 110,000 women passengers to demand safety as a necessity, not just a nice-to-have.

George has had a long background in disability support work and in education as a welfare co-ordinator and as a teacher of English and Literature at Ivanhoe Grammar. She also worked with the War Crimes Tribunal preparing an Amicus Curiae Brief taking testimony from victims of war crimes residing in Australia after the war in former Yugoslavia. George and her peers managed to establish rape as a War Crime – the kit she helped develop has been used in the Rwandan Trials.

Seriousness aside, George is also a talented comedic performer. She was a member of The Cage brekky show on Triple M (Brisbane) and she worked as a presenter on the ABC for The Circle, Spicks and Specks and other tv and radio programs while she kept her hand in teaching events management, public speaking, pitching and presentations as well as tutoring “tricky” students.

George has written for every major newspaper and several Anthologies including Mothermorphosis, Kitchen Table Memoirs, Blind Spots and Listening to the Silences: Women and War.

As the first female footy coach of teenage boys in Australia, George is not scared to stick her head over the parapet. She has led on school councils and as a single mum to four kids, has built solutions for women with problems like the ones she’s faced, she has led teachers to become better teachers and mentored many women in sport, business, education and health.

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