Gary Bertwistle

Leading creative and innovative thinker

Gary Bertwistle is an expert on unlocking creativity and building brands, using his straightforward, challenging, unique yet simple style to help people and organisations to think differently. Gary is a warm and engaging speaker whose presentations are fun and interactive and whose passion for having people and organisations think differently is clear.

Gary has always had a passion for curiosity, creativity and doing things differently. His career has spanned the retail, music, media, corporate education and radio industries. Gary’s greatest desire comes from having people and organisations think differently to find new ways of doing things.… to break status quo and redesign the traditional formula.

Considered a thought leader in progressive thinking, Gary has helped companies, teams and individuals in companies of all sizes, in all industries and categories, to look at how they currently do things and address what needs to change in order for them to think differently and maximise their potential. He is often called upon when companies or individuals lose their mojo. Today, following the pandemic, Gary gets called when people or teams want to rest and get their mojo back.

Through easy to understand, interactive live and virtual keynote speeches, he presents to a wide variety of clients in the areas of performance, strategy, mojo, marketing warfare and innovation to improve performance and help individuals be at their best. He has built his reputation curating the best thinking of the world’s best to help companies and their leaders unlock great ideas to get their mojo working.

More about Gary Bertwistle:

Gary began his career in the competitive world of retail before winning Young Executive of the Year in 1981. After several years in retail he moved into the music industry managing and promoting bands and artists.

In 1988 he returned to shopping centres and won three BOMA Awards: Best Shopping Centre Positioning, Best Shopping Centre Promotion and Best Shopping Centre Charity Event. After this, it was time for something new.

Gary moved into commercial radio in 1990 where he spent the next 7 years with Australia’s largest radio network, Austereo. Gary became Group General Manager for Promotions and Marketing, overseeing the marketing and promotion of thirteen radio stations on the 2Day and Triple M Networks in Australia and five stations in Kuala Lumpur while creating ideas for some of Australia’s best known brands.

In 1997 Gary founded Blue Moon Creative to assist organisations and individuals to challenge their traditional way of thinking and unlock their great ideas. He worked on the Sydney Millennium celebrations on Sydney Harbour.

In 2001 Gary designed and opened The Ideas Vault, Australia’s first-ever dedicated creative space, designed specifically for the generation of better ideas. Located at The Entertainment Quarter in Sydney, The Vault’s octagonal shape, natural light, outdoor space, furniture and facilities make it a unique and exciting venue for thinking, problem solving, meetings, strategy and workshops.

In 2004 Gary recorded and released an audio program called the Studio of the Mind which covers how creativity works, how to remove barriers to creative thinking, and techniques for unlocking ideas and imagination. He also developed his own Thinking Tools – The Spider Web, BiGNOA, The Spin Cycle, Ask Einstein and Hocus Pocus (the world’s first edible creative thinking tool).

Gary is a keen athlete and cyclist who in 2007 co-founded a cycling charity called the Tour de Cure which so far has raised in excess of $35 million towards the fight against cancer and the search for a cure.

Gary is also the author of six books so far: The Keys to Creativity, Who Stole My Mojo?, What Made You Think of That?, The Vibe, My Dad’s Got Mojo and What I Wish I Knew About Cancer.

Gary Bertwistle was named 2007, 2008 and 2012 Speaker of the Year for TEC (The Executive Connection), the world’s leading CEO membership organisation. He is also the only two-time winner of the Mick Robertson Award for Marketing and Brand voted on by 14,000 CEOs around Australia.

Gary has also hosted over 350 conversations for his podcast series including The Mojo Sessions, publishes a bi weekly blog for thinkers called The Espresso, successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign for The Mojo Journal, the worlds first thought provoking journal, was the 2018 Australian of Year finalist and is a Deputy Captain Rural Fire Service.

Gary Bertwistle speaks about:

Who Stole My Mojo?: With the economic climate the way it is right now, there’s change, uncertainty, unpredictability. With the frantic, frenetic and fast pace in business, people and brands are losing their mojo. This presentation helps remove the ceilings that are holding you back, to help you live out the dream you have for your company, your team or yourself. If your team has lost its zip, its pizazz, its direction and needs a shake up, then this is the ideal topic.

Leading Innovation: Whether working by yourself or with a group, Gary shows you how to unlock your great ideas. He takes practical tips and tools from the world’s great creatives, brands and innovators then simplifies them to help you unlock the great ideas that currently exist around your office or company. Gary’s straightforward, practical approach has struck a chord with many of Australia’s biggest names like Lexus, Nintendo, Macquarie Bank, News Limited, Westpac and Optus.

Brand: Gary covers the fundamentals that need to be taken care of in this uncertain economic time, right through to the world’s latest trends that are dictating how and why people buy from your company or brand. Gary explains the difference between marketing and brand and shows you the essential thinking and the action steps required in order to create a true brand that brings profitable results. This presentation is a must for any business who wants to separate themselves from their competitors.

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