Francis Leach

Broadcaster, Journalist, Writer, & MC

Francis Leach is a highly respected broadcaster, journalist and writer, with diverse interests and a passion for talking to people about their achievements. Impressively, he has hosted current affairs, arts and sports shows.

Relaxed in front of a live audience, Francis is a popular MC who engages guests and his audiences in meaningful conversations. Articulate, knowledgeable across a number of fields and known for his critical thinking, he asks the right questions – even the tough ones – and gets the answers. He never loses sight of his audience.

On air, Francis explores the human condition through his love of sport, music, popular culture and great writing. He is revered for pushing the boundaries in order to create unique, fresh and stimulating experiences for his devoted audience.

When not riding the airwaves, Francis is usually discussing history and the cultural implications of 1980’s MTV videos with his eleven year-old daughter or plotting and scheming the next big adventure with his wife. You may catch a glimpse of him walking the dog while listening to Public Enemy on his iPod or fanatically barracking for his beloved St.Kilda, Arsenal FC, the Boston Red Sox or the Socceroos.

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