Fiori Giovanni

Business and Executive coach, Media Commentator, Human Rights Activist and Author

From the moment Fiori Giovanni hits the stage, she has her audience enraptured. At times laughing out loud, other times in tears and often deep in thoughtful silence as they travel an exciting and emotional journey that will change their lives.

Fiori’s extraordinary story is a route probably only a few other women in the world have travelled, but she tells it in a way that leaves her audience with the keys, tools, and attitudes that shape courage, resilience, real leadership and a shift in mindset.

Courage to tackle the changes they’ve dreamt about but for which they fear failure, Resilience to overcome challenges, Leadership to envision and define their goals and Mindset to shift from a victim to a victor. In a nutshell, Fiori shares a potent formula that empowers others to overcome problems, both big and small.

All the above traits are something that Fiori has needed in massive amounts being born in a war-torn African and overcoming the challenge of a pubescent arranged marriage, and as a teenager being mandatorily subscripted into the army and clinging to life in a leaking boat loaded with refugees. She had the courage to survive and learn from these experiences to become a serial entrepreneur, a #1 best-selling author, media commentator, human rights activist, proud mother, and sought-after Keynote speaker.

While she’d experienced pain and loss on a devastating scale already, the worst was yet to come. In 2020, the unimaginable happened. She lost her beloved seven-month and half old daughter, Illen. Fiori’s journey of grief led to her certification in Self-Directed Healing practitioner and Hypnotherapy Certificates.

Throughout her colourful career, she has built up a bank of knowledge, information, life experiences and strategies and this wasn’t any different for her. Fiori is the perfect example of how life is not about what happens in your life, rather, how you manage it. And, how a mastered mind can be harnessed, during the good times and bad.

Fiori Giovanni’s message of hope, resilience, courage, and leadership has inspired audiences around Australia, including tech companies such as Pyrios, Asta, Corporations such as, Honda Australia, PF Olsen Australia, John Holland, Vic-Road Australia, The Government of Australia, CPA Australia, Ramey Care Australia, FTA (Finical and Treasury of Australia, Chambers of ecommerce, Community Cubs Victoria, Business chicks, Plan International, Animal Justice just to mention a few.

She has been in featured in several mainstream Australian media outlets such as The age, The Herald Sun, Studio 10, F Magazine (a publication celebrating female success), She Defined, Women of Style & Substance, Sunraysia Daily, and countless other publications and news. news outlets.

Fiori is also the owner and CEO of My Mind Valley, an online product hub for those seeking fulfilment, confidence and clarity through affirmations. Fiori believes affirmations are one of the most profound and effective ways to implement personal change. She owes her very survival to their potency. My Mind Valley houses over 30 affirmation topics, which are available in audio, video and eBook formats at

In addition to her best-selling memoir, Defy your Destiny, Fiori’s writing has been published in a book titled Letter to my 21-year-old self which will raise money for Sydney’s only daytime women’s refuge, Lou’s Place. Her letter will feature alongside letters by Oprah Winfrey, Collette Dinnigan, Lisa Forrest, Claudia Karvan, and more.

Fiori’s work has been published as an example of what is possible in a book called “It Is All Possible” by former world champion yachtsman Rob Hartnett.

More about Fiori Giovanni

Fiori believes that the reason she has been hired is to change the thoughts, words or deeds of her audience. Thus, she always carefully tailors her presentation to achieve the required result. Each presentation is, therefore, unique.

No matter what the keynote, Fiori connects deeply with every audience member as she shares her wisdom. After hearing Fiori speak, audience members are uplifted by her spirit, inspired by her courage, and motivated to take action.

Attentionally you can hire Fiori, to work with your organization with her one-of-a-kind workshops specifically designed to help your organisations improve your business Culture and Bottomline profits using a unique inside-out approach to creating empowering and lasting change within the individual employee, teams, and the organizations as whole.

This workshop is delivered once a week for four hours at a time, over a six-week period. It is designed to shift people’s limitations and their distorted societally conditioned perceptions; all of which are causing them to lose focus, creativity, and motivation using formulas and hands on experiences and exercises that shift their PARADIGM, which is what holds the trajectory of their life and every move they make.

What Fiori Giovanni Speaks About

For most people the source of many problems is with their mindset. When their mindset changes, their whole life changes in the space of seconds, days, weeks, months.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how every move you make is controlled and why haven’t you got the result you want so far?
  • Learn simple practices to rewire your mind to success, inner fulfilment and peace in 5m or less
  • Learn simple practices that will change the behaviour of your brain and ultimately change the outcomes of your life
  • Learn how mindset is all you ever need to change latterly anything in your life

Albert Einstein once said “Everybody is genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it’s stupid.”

Everyone can achieve outstanding results. Everyone has the potential to achieve remarkable things but for a lot of people that potential is cut short by a lack of the right knowledge and the right strategies at the right time to overcome their challenges.

And the great thing about resilience is that it’s a skill that could be learned just like anything else.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to overcome the inevitable challenges of life and use the worst experiences of your life to build resilience
  • How to examine your thinking patterns and change the interpretation of the situation, thereby reducing negative feelings between team members and improving team dynamics
  • How to cope with adverse and complex work situations, such as negative feedback or conflict
  • How to navigate the murky waters of change that is inevitable in this fast-paced modern business and society
  • How to find opportunity and growth in every adversity you face and overcome setbacks without stress and anxiety
  • How to tap into self-knowledge to effortlessly free yourself from all destructive patterns and limiting beliefs to ultimately become invisible.

Courage in Leadership
Displaying courage is often one of life’s most difficult challenges most people face but yet the most crucial virtue that’s required daily.

To say “No” to distractions, to ask for what you want, to have difficult conversations, to deal with difficult people, to let something go, to believe in yourself, and to inspire great leadership.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to get the courage to tap into your inner greatness and self-power
  • How to inspire your team to have courage to thrives in times of disruption and take their efforts to new heights
  • How to foster the courage you need to challenge the status quo and travel the path less travelled.

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