Eric Bailey

Visionary 'activational' speaker

Eric’s early life could have been a script of despair, but he chose a different path. With unwavering determination, he refused to be defined by his circumstances. Instead, he embraced the challenges as steppingstones, propelling him toward a destiny beyond anyone’s imagination.

Born with a bone disease and abandoned by his biological parents, Eric journeyed through the unforgiving streets of South-Central Los Angeles. Rather than succumb, he channelled these struggles to forge strength. In a neighbourhood synonymous with challenges, he unearthed his unbreakable spirit.

A pivotal mentor recognized Eric’s potential, propelling him to secure a university education against all odds. Overcoming mental, emotional, physical, and financial hurdles, this marked the inception of his transformative journey.

Although NBA dreams encountered setbacks, Eric’s tenacity endured. He ventured to Australia in the early ’80s, pioneering the National Basketball League (NBL). While injuries curtailed his playing career, his passion burned on.

For over 30 years, Eric’s impact transcends borders. Giants such as Qantas, Footlocker, NBA, Pizza Hut, Robert Walters, John Deere, Scotia Bank, CIMB Bank, Toyota, RE/MAX and many more have sought his transformative insights.

As a Certified Mental Wellness First Aid Coach and Facilitator, Eric possesses the tools to nurture wellbeing. His workshops and keynotes extend across mediums – online, convention centres, boardrooms, classrooms, and even the basketball court. He pioneers groundbreaking team-building activities on the hardwood and offers one-on-one coaching.

More about Eric Bailey

Eric’s trademark “The Championship DNA” series has garnered rave reviews worldwide. This transformative offering encapsulates his philosophy and empowers individuals to unleash their inner champions. The workshops and keynotes can be delivered online, in convention centres, boardrooms, classrooms, on the basketball court with groundbreaking Team Building Activities on the hardwood, and through one-on-one coaching.

Recognized as the 22nd best Motivational Speaker in the World in 2014 and a recipient of the highly prestigious CSP award in 2008, Eric’s words kindle flames, reshape destinies, and guide transformative journeys.

The Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) award is an exceptional honour achieved by fewer than 10 percent of all global speakers. It signifies Eric’s dedication and expertise in inspiring change and driving impact.

Eric’s story resonates on global stages – from Fox News to CBS, NBC, and CEO Magazine. His empowerment message reaches far and wide.

Eric has been a proud Australian citizen for over 40 years and lives in Brisbane Qld. He is a loving proud father, grandfather, ambassador for change, lending his voice to organizations like Nourish the Children and Adopt Change. His commitment to impact goes beyond motivational speaking. And a mad keen sports junkie following his hometown Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers, and Dodgers.

Eric Bailey talks about:

Elevate with Eric’s Proven Strategies: Eric’s insights aren’t mere theories – they’re tried-and-true strategies that have been refined through real-world experiences. His captivating presence on stage emanates from a rich history that spans from the basketball court to the global stage, allowing him to deeply connect with audiences from all walks of life.

Global Perspective, Universal Impact: With a global footprint, Eric Bailey has touched lives across 13 continents, instilling hope, and courage in the hearts of countless individuals 4.5 million. His messages transcend cultural boundaries, uniting audiences in a shared pursuit of excellence and personal growth.

Storytelling that Resonates: Eric’s powerful storytelling weaves a tapestry of relatable experiences, creating a bridge between his life lessons and the aspirations of his listeners. His stories aren’t just anecdotes – they’re life-altering narratives that inspire change and foster resilience.

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