Dr Vyom Sharma

Doctor, Magician & Media Commentator

Dr Vyom Sharma is a medical doctor, magician, and sought-after media commentator. He has become one of the nation’s leading medical and health commentators and has also thrilled audiences the world over, as an award-winning mentalist and magician.

As a recurring panelist on television shows such as The Project (Network 10) and The Drum (ABC), and ABC Melbourne’s resident medical expert (Saturday Mornings with Matt Preston), he emerged from the pandemic as a voice of reason and balance. He is passionate about speaking to corporate clients about wellbeing in the workplace and finding meaning and purpose in our work.

Vyom has also thrilled audiences the world over, as an award-winning mentalist and magician. Having first toured at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Adelaide Fringe festival, he then went on to become Grand Finalist on Australia’s got Talent (2016).

More about Vyom Sharma:

Vyom is a medical practitioner and health commentator. After gaining his medical degree from Monash University, he specialized in general practice, and works in inner-city Melbourne mainly serving the local and international youth population.

As a health and science communicator he focuses on evidence-based medicine, and healthcare systems as co-host on Radiotherapy on RRR FM. He is regarded as the ‘go-to voice in traditional and social media (The Age). Apart from commentating on television, he also co-hosts health shows on ABC Radio Melbourne and is frequently interviewed in numerous tv, radio and print media.

Drawing on his talents as an award-winning mentalist and magician (Grand Finalist on Australia’s Got Talent), Vyom engages audiences with an easy charm and thrills with mind-bending feats. He performs these either as stand-alone entertainment or embedded within keynote talks, used as a metaphor to deliver powerful messages that remain memorable.

His medical work is currently focused on COVID-19 as the clinical lead in COVID health and quarantine facilities. However, he believes the practice of medicine must extend beyond the consultation room, which motivated his fierce health advocacy during the pandemic. He was awarded the Thornett Award for the ‘Promotion of Reason’ by the Australian Society of Skeptics.

He was a Medical Officer in Quarantine and worked with a community health service that reached out to community housing residents during Melbourne’s second wave. He also continued to work as a General Practitioner in Melbourne.

Vyom has been a keynote speaker, entertainer and MC at numerous functions, including corporate social events and conferences, often to audiences of thousands. He has used his communication skills as a GP to pitch his message at various levels, such as maintenance engineers (Qantas), pharmaceutical executives (Amgen) and university students (Guest lecturer at Monash University).

Vyom has had a successful career performing on stage as a mentalist, progressing to the Grand Finals on Australia’s Got Talent, and performing on stages that include the Sydney Opera House, Athenaeum theatre Melbourne, and Hollywood’s Magic Castle. His television appearances have extended to Italy, Germany and USA, as well as many appearances in Australia.

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