Dr Ross Walker

Best Selling Author on Health & Lifestyle

Dr Ross Walker is a man with a passion for people and health. He is the author of six books on health, lifestyle and stress management and is also a columnist with The Australian newspaper’s Wish Magazine and Alpha magazine.

An Honours graduate from the University of New South Wales, Dr Walker’s other area of expertise is in the field of preventative cardiology.

Dr Walker presents a life changing message that is universal and the basis for leading a longer, healthier life. By empowering his audiences along the path to wellness, Dr Ross Walker is continually praised for the entertaining, emotive style of his presentations.

One of the most sought after corporate speakers and health and lifestyle consultants in Australia and Asia, Dr Ross Walker works closely with the corporate world to educate staff and executives on

the importance of achieving balance in their hectic lives. He discusses issues ranging from stress management, relationships, health and nutrition  to striking a balanced way of living.

Dr Ross Walker talks about:

Good luck or good management – Dr Walker details  how you can combine genetic luck with good management of your environment and lifestyle to strike a healthy balance.

“For the past twenty to thirty years we have been bombarded with health advice, information & I would suggest, much mis-information. I believe the reason much of this information has been wrong is that we are all different & one size definitely does not fit all. Although your genetics loads the gun & your environment pulls the trigger, it is now possible for us to find out what genes are loading your gun & how you can avoid pulling the trigger.

We now have effective & accurate methods to screen you for early signs & risk factors for our modern killers along with very effective preventative strategies to ensure a long & healthy quality life. Learn the key 5 point strategies to overcoming our 5 big modern killers, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis & Alzheimer’s disease” – Dr Ross Walker

Diets don’t work  – Dr Walker provides an achievable program for weight loss and lifelong excellent health.

“One of the most frightening issues in modern society is the increasing rates of obesity. This is despite a multitude of diet books flooding the market over the past ten years. The public is becoming increasingly confused and not surprisingly, increasingly fat. Our everyday, modern environment of synthetic and convenience food, technology that reduces physical effort and exercise, not to mention the stresses and strains of work are all to blame” – Dr Ross Walker

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