Dr Rosie King

A doctor with a difference

Dr Rosie King is an author, academic, educator, researcher and medical practitioner who has specialised in the area of sex therapy for over three decades. She runs a private sexual therapy practice in Sydney and also runs workshops on sex and relationships, both nationally and internationally. Before specialising in sexual therapy, she worked in general practice for 10 years.

Dr Rosie presents to professionals and the general public on a range of topics covering both men’s and women’s sexual health and relationships. A dynamic and entertaining public speaker, she is in great demand as a medical and corporate speaker.

She has an engaging style and has shared her sincerity, advice and humour with thousands of men and women across the globe at both medical and non-medical conferences and events, addressing a variety of topics.

Dr Rosie King is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians in the Sexual Health Medicine Chapter. She is a past president and honorary life member of ASSERT (Australian Society of Sexual Educators, Researchers and Therapists) and is past chair of the steering committee for the Diploma of Sexual Health Counselling. She is a visiting Lecturer in Sexual Counselling in the Medical Faculty of the University of NSW and the University of Sydney in Sexual Health Medicine.

Dr King was a founding member of the Australian Centre for Sexual Health at St Luke’s Hospital, Sydney. Established in 1992, this was Australia’s first multi-disciplinary centre for the treatment of sexual dysfunction, research into human sexuality and sex education.

Dr King appears regularly in the print and electronic media addressing the issues of sex, relationships and health.

Dr Rosie King talks about:

  • Men and women: bridging the gap – This presentation takes a lighthearted look at differences between men and women in and out of the bedroom. Lots of laughs plus some helpful hints to make your relationship sizzle.
  • Good Loving, Great Sex – What are the key factors in creating sexual satisfaction and relationship happiness? This presentation offers practical, down to earth strategies with a touch of humour thrown in for men and women wanting to create more love, passion and chemistry in their lives.
  • The Ageless Guide to Sex – This very popular presentation is for those who want to make the most of life regardless of age. We live in a society that worships at the altar of youth – yet we are increasingly an ageing population. Too many of us set limits on our dreams because we discriminate against ourselves on the basis of age. This presentation examines ageist attitudes to life, sex and love and sets the record straight. We are never too old to live and love to the full.

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