Dr Neryl East

Leadership Credibility Expert

Dr Neryl East is a professional speaker, credibility expert and trusted adviser to leaders at the highest levels of government and business.

On top of a 30-year career in media and communication, Neryl is internationally recognised as a Certified Speaking Professional, has a PhD in Journalism and is an Amazon best-selling author.

Neryl brings a unique blend of academic rigour and down-in-the-trenches practicality, honed through decades as a journalist and strategic adviser to leaders grappling with high-profile public crises.

In 2020, Neryl worked with the Chief of the Defence Force, General Angus Campbell, to prepare him for the public release of the Afghanistan Report on alleged war crimes by Australian SAS personnel.

She has spoken to hundreds of audiences about credibility, influence and trust, especially when the pressure is on. Her presentations are always highly tailored, full of practical takeaways – and fun.

Neryl East Speaks About

Harness the Power of AI Without Killing Your Credibility

AI can save time and resources but use it unwisely and your credibility will take a hit. This keynote unveils the sweet spot, where the time-saving brilliance of ChatGPT and other forms of generative AI can co-exist with your personal and business reputation.

Ignite Your Influence

Confident, credible and influential communication is vital for high performing teams and effective leaders, especially in a world where hybrid workplaces are here to stay.

Leading In The Spotlight

Today’s leaders must have outstanding communication skills, especially in spotlight situations – when the pressure is on, the stakes are high and the outcome really matters.

Be Extraordinary, One Choice at a Time

This joyful, compelling and invigorating presentation shows audiences how setting a “giggly goal” can transform their business, relationships and life. It’s a fresh take to re-set hope and optimism in a world full of challenges.

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