Dr Fiona Kerr

Founder and CEO of The NeuroTech Institute

Dr Fiona Kerr is the founder and CEO of The NeuroTech Institute. Dr Kerr is a leading expert in human connectivity and synchronization, partnering with technology and leading future ready, resilient organizations. With nearly 40 years in the industry, Dr Kerr founded the NeuroTech Institute in late 2018, to research new questions on the neurophysiology of human interaction, and how this is impacted by and through technology.

This assists their consulting arm Focus NTI to advise on building and leading adaptive organisations including virtualized and hybrid work environments, and future proofing through fostering proactive, skilled leaders able to combine the unique attributes of human capability with transformative technologies according to need (including what not to technologize).

Neurotech explores the science of the union of human awareness and machine intelligence, and what that means for healthcare, ageing, defence, education, and industry.

More about Dr Fiona Kerr:

Dr Fiona Kerr consults to a number of ASX listed companies, sits on the Health and Medical Industries Ministerial Advisory Panel (MAP), and holds international board and advisory positions in the robotics industry, Defence & Intelligence, health, aging and education sectors, cultural trending (New York) and Finland’s national AI program.

Dr Fiona Kerr researches, consults, and speaks publicly on a wide range of topics including the neuroscience of human to human, and human to technology interactions, neurogenesis, and how good leaders create organisations that flourish.

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