Dr Liz Wilson

Behavioral Scientist Organisational Transformation Expert

Dr. Liz, who holds a Ph.D. in organisational culture and behavior, is on a mission to create a world where everyone is included and valued for their difference. For the first 20+ years of her career, Dr. Liz worked with some of the world’s most notable brands through their business transformations until she witnessed the discrimination of a loved one.

From that moment on, she has dedicated herself to finding a solution to discrimination. By combining her organisational transformation and behavioral science expertise, Dr. Liz went to work and discovered a simple solution that eliminates the focus on our differences and focuses on “The 8 Specific Needs of All People©”.

With a desire to create a world where everyone is included, Dr. Liz knew she had to work out a way to equip everyone to be inclusive. From this, Include was born. In August 2020, Dr. Liz secured venture capital in a year when only 2% of venture capital funds were invested in female founders. Fast forward 12-months, and Include is now the world’s first enterprise software designed to equip everyone to make inclusive decisions in real-time.

Dr. Liz is not your average DEI keynote presenter. She invites you into her life with insightful honesty and humor, serving as the mirror for the audience on how the exclusion people face is not because of their difference but because of the barriers we put in their place. Breaking the news to participants that celebrating labels with cupcakes won’t get us to inclusion, she shares a simple yet powerfully impactful approach to creating an environment where all people can thrive.

So, whether you’re after a keynote speaker to fill a venue of thousands or a workshop for a small group, you are guaranteed an event to be remembered with Dr. Liz.

Dr Liz Talks About

While Dr. Liz’s presentations and workshops are customised to your event, here are some past presentations and workshop topics to get you inspired.

  • What a Tinder date taught me about inclusion
  • Inclusion beyond the labels, celebrations, and cupcakes
  • Inclusive CX
  • Inclusive EX
  • Just A ‘Girl’ Playing With The ‘Big Boys’
  • When You’re The Only Woman At The Table
  • I’m Not Bossy, I’m Assertive
  • If I Was A Man Would This Have Happened To Me?
  • Short-Circuiting Bias
  • Breaking Bias With Inclusive Decision Making

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