Dr Ann O’Neill

Founder of Angel Hands, Academic, Trauma Expert and Keynote Speaker

Dr Ann O’Neill is considered an inspiration by many. Her story of triumph over severe hardship and her commitment to improving the lives of others by sharing her wisdom, be it attained via academic, practice or personal means, is matched by few.

Ann delivers funny, engaging and well-structured engaging presentations that will not only inspire but educate people, equipping them with knowledge, tools and strategies to overcome and
thrive personally and professionally.

Ann fills a variety of positions, government, non-government and commercial which see her active in advisory, teaching, research, supervisory, and clinical roles.

Ann has an innate ability to engage with any audience in various formats and her intelligent presentations are a potent mix of humour, experience, frankness and meaningful information.

Ann O'Neill talks about:

  • Leadership;
  • Motivation and inspiration;
  • Women’s health and well being;
  • Dealing with change;
  • OHS – harassment and victimisation in the workplace;
  • Mental health and well-being;
  • Trauma awareness and recovery (theories and applied approaches);
  • Family and domestic violence theories, dynamics and models of understanding;
  • Familicide – introduction and risk assessments;
  • DAS — Risk assessment relating to family and domestic violence lethality; and/or
  • Family liaison officer roles and applied learning on how to engage people.

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