Dominic Thurbon

Business Disruptor, Transformer and Keynote Speaker

Dom Thurbon is internationally renowned as a disruptor and behavioral change agent. A partner at EY, he founded and developed the international consulting business – Karrikins Group -to have over 100 staff delivering programs across Australia, New Zealand and North America.

For more than 13 years Dom has partnered with global clients including De Beers, Apple, Warner Bros., Commonwealth Bank and Microsoft to design and implement large-scale change programs. He has also delivered powerful keynote presentation to companies and communities around Australia and the world that have helped them crack the code for driving innovation, future-proofing their workforce and developing brands that really matter.

Provocative, dynamic and thought leading, he likes nothing more than to disrupt current thinking and encourage his audiences to ‘drive’, rather than ‘manage’ change. He challenges the implicit assumptions that are running rampant in our lives and our companies… assumptions like how we compete and how we create value.

Dom has led research and authored best-sellers published in over 15 countries on areas as diverse as generational change, business strategy and the future of competition. His book, Matter: How to rise above the competition and become the obvious choice examines the search for value in the context of rapidly shifting market and customer expectations.

Dominic Thurbon speaks about:

How to become the Obvious Choice – In B2B, B2C, and even job markets, it’s getting harder to differentiate, compete and win. In this provocative presentation, Dom unpacks the major disruptive forces redefining the way business is being done, and value is being created. Using inspiring, real-world case studies he shows how a diverse array of companies are responding effectively; demonstrates how products, services and brands matter to customers and staff; and provides the formula for effectively dealing with, and thriving in, times of disruption and change.

Insights into the Secret Science of Behaviour Change – Have you ever needed to change the way staff, leaders or even customers think, act and buy? Changenomics is the ultimate equation for driving change in your organisation and really making it stick! Dominic Thurbon developed Changenomics through years of research and first-hand experience in deploying award-winning change programs to over 300,000 people a year. In this eye-opening and dynamic presentation, Dominic will leave your audience the tools to make change happen in their teams (and for themselves!); drive more innovation and collaboration in your team or business; attract, engage and retain the next generation of workers; and thrive in the workplace of the future.

If Only We All Knew What We All Knew – To get ahead in the knowledge economy, companies must capture the expertise already floating around inside their four walls. Using everything from better technology to better meeting discipline, unleashing collaboration is a sure-fire way to drive innovation, productivity and engagement. In this insightful, empowering presentation, Dominic will give you the five behaviours to unleash collaboration, both personally and organizationally; identify the common barriers to making it happen and show how they can overcome; and demonstrate the link between collaboration and innovation, productivity and engagement.

Making Innovation Happen – For too many companies, innovation is just a ‘value’ or a ‘buzzword’, not a practice that we all engage in every day. Based on first-hand experience around the world and deep global research, in this dynamic and empowering session Dominic will identify the five drivers of innovation in your business and how to leverage them; unpack compelling strategies to get every individual in your team to approach work with an innovation-mindset; and outline practical, real strategies for creating an environment that drives innovation

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