Divas Inc

Divas Inc

Divas Inc is an innovative musical and theatrical entertainment package for your corporate event. Based on a well-proven concept, the act is a dazzling, amusing and vocally breathtaking experience, expertly delivered by three of Australia’s finest young singers.

The Divas will enthrall your guests with memorable and stirring excerpts from a broad repertoire spanning Grand Opera to Abba, and including a soaring finale of Mozart, uniquely interpreted for the 21st Century. The extraordinary experience of Divas Inc will strike your guests when they least expect, taking them on a musical journey that will amaze, amuse and beguile.

What to expect:

Three women attend your function incognito. Disguised as choristers (or as company employees), they nervously begin to entertain your guests. The illusion is made complete with unassuming costumes consisting of stiff choir robes (or company uniforms), spectacles and common-place hair and make up.

However when one of the choristers recognises an ex-boyfriend in the room (actually an unassuming guest) chaos unfolds. Through a cleverly scripted exchange, the bashful girls literally drop their dowdy disguises to reveal themselves as glamorous confident Divas. They seek to regain the ex-lovers affections (along with the affections of the rest of the guests) the best way they know how, in full operatic flight. Famous operatic arias are cleverly blended with contemporary hits and techno grooves in a smart and sassy script.

Divas Inc is a concept devised by Melbourne based opera singer Antoinette Halloran. She has enlisted the finest Divas to create an amusing and entertaining act that brings opera into the world of corporate events.

Who they are:

Dimity Shephard, Emily Whelan, Tiffany Speight and Antoinette are the pick of Australia’s young operatic talent, all working regularly as soloists for Australia’s major opera companies and concert promoters. Their experience covers a broad range including corporate entertainment, musical theatre, dance and grand opera. The Divas are all hand-picked from the industry for their ability to cross many musical genres and to impact their audience in a unique way – oh, and to look great in a frock!

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