Dirt Girl

TV Presenter, Gardener, Environmentalist & Keynote Speaker

dirtgirl never imagined her self-sufficient lifestyle would make her a global hero. The star of the ABC’s dirtgirlworld and Get Grubby TV, she observes a simple mantra for life: little things make a big difference.

For over ten years, dirtgirl’s influence has been strong on TV and become even stronger on social media – she has acquired an enormous engaged global tribe who share and interact daily to inspire better change.

An engaging keynote speaker, especially for our younger generations, dirtgirl talks about her passion for planting trees and creating compost and presents a compelling argument for why we should all get outside and get grubby.

More about dirtgirl:

dirtgirl believes we should protect what we love and love what we know, and that being outside forms a relationship to cherish for a lifetime. Growing up off grid, amongst the beans and pumpkin vines, for her, being outside and getting grubby is second nature.

For her, ‘normal’ life involves working with councils to change the way we reduce, reuse and recycle, joining with Costa the Garden Gnome to spread the love of compost and working with Indigenous rangers from Australia’s top end to inspire handling our country with care. As is hopping up on stage with her band at festivals to rock out and party with her hit songs of hope and planet love. dirtgirl, with her girl band, was a headline act at the Lost Lands Festival and Floriade.

dirtgirl is a fortnightly guest on ABC Hobart radio drive time. As part of the Planet Ark National Tree Day Family, she has planted hundreds of trees over the years with kids, inspired nature play and joy, shared her love of trees and tree hugging. Additionally, she has run an under 10’s workshop and planet parade to help kids find and use their voices at the Sustainable Living Festival.

If you ask dirtgirl to describe herself, she won’t say she is a hero or a warrior. She identifies as a gardener and an earth dweller who loves singing as much as she loves planting trees, creating compost, going outside and getting grubby. In reality, she is all of these things and more.

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