Dianne McGrath

Leadership & Sustainability Expert, Inspirational Speaker

Dr Dianne McGrath CMP CSP BEd (sec), GD Marketing, GD EnvMgt, GD SustPrac is circumnavigating our world in the Clipper 2023-24 Round the World Yacht Race to share stories that will inspire us to protect our planet.

Dianne lives a sustainably embodied life to demonstrate that individually, as organisations and in our communities, we can have a collective positive impact across the pillars of sustainability: economic, environmental and social.

Dianne McGrath is one of Australia’s leading sustainability experts, holds three degrees in sustainability including a PhD, and is a member of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals.

She has lived her life challenging what others thought impossible, whether that was to live a year with no single-use plastics, prepare for a fully-sustainable one-way mission to Mars, choosing to circumnavigate our planet to help protect our oceans – our future, cycle extreme distances, sail gale storms in a tall ship in the Southern Ocean or biohack her body and mind to become Dianne 2.0. Dianne is nothing if not resilient!

In her role at Fight Food Waste Limited, Dianne has managed a range of transformative environmental programs and projects, from packaging, supply chain efficiencies, circular economy solutions, food rescue, industry education and whole-of-sector waste minimisation initiatives.

Dianne has worked with and for all levels of government, including in areas related to food systems and energy. From leading the team behind the Commonwealth’s consumer energy information platforms to developing national disaster response protocols, Dianne understands the importance of collaboration, foresight, and working on behalf of others.

You will be inspired as Dianne McGrath challenges what is thought impossible and arouses you to treasure what matters in life. See her now… be transformed.

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