Deane Hutton

Renowned Futurist & Science Communicator

Dr Deane Hutton is a futurist with a difference! As a leading science communicator, he takes his audience on a head-spinning ride into the future – complete with riveting models, graphics, dramatic demonstrations, audience interaction and entertainment.

With passion and conviction, Dr Deane Hutton shows corporate clients how to use an understanding of science and technology to create their desired future. His dynamic presentation, “Going Green with Dr Deane” demonstrates how to understand environmental problems and to do something about them.

About Dr Deane Hutton:

Dr Deane Hutton has worked professionally as a teacher, lecturer, writer, television presenter, film producer and entertainer in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

As one of Australia’s best-known futurists and science communicators, he has worked extensively in primary, secondary and tertiary education, presenting live science shows, face-to-face, to more than a million students in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Deane’s action-packed presentations for business conferences have helped audiences learn to recognise future trends, overcome the insecurity of change, and create the future they want.

Deane has appeared on television programs including Curiosity Show, Hey Hey It’s Saturday, Channel Seven News, and The New Inventors. In 2007 – 08, he presented weekly science and technology radio broadcasts through Asia and Africa on Radio CVC. Deane and science communicator Rob Morrison OAM are involved in the development of the Curiosity Show YouTube Channel, which has an online venture that shares messages of science, learning and fun with an audience of 105,000 subscribers and has registered 16.9 million views around the world.

Deane has degrees in science and education and a PhD in visual perception and message design. In addition, he is a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) – the highest level of accreditation from the International Federation for Professional Speakers.

Dr Deane Hutton talks about:

Going green with Dr Deane: In this examination of environmental problems and practical solutions, Dr Deane addresses diminishing resources, alternative energy, carbon and water footprints, and sustainability. Clients find out how to make their businesses more profitable while being environmentally responsible.

How to switch your audience on: This keynote examines some of the tried and tested storytelling techniques that have been used for years in film and television. These include: the concept of the ‘hook’ to grab attention, the element of surprise, and a call to action. Learn how each of these strategies can be applied in business communication and staff teambuilding.

Show & tell: Communication technologies have changed dramatically in the past 20 years. It is now possible for anyone to convey any message, in words and pictures, to another person or group anywhere in the world – instantaneously! This keynote demonstrates the potential and possible future directions of both mass media and the social media.

Creating the future: We can’t change the past but we can change the future. This keynote shows business groups how to define goals, select appropriate technologies and strategies, and implement change. Clients discover that the future is not what science and technology do to us, but what we do with the opportunities we find. The best way to predict the future is to build the future you want.

Dr Deane Hutton’s other topics include:
• 2020 Vision: Creating the Future You Want in the Digital Age
• Corporate Curiosity: Curiosity and Creativity in Business
• The future of biotechnology: Genetic Modification, Cloning, Living Forever!
• Boost your brainpower: Improving Thinking Skills & Memory for Business

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