David Whitehill

Charismatic Australian media talent, TV presenter

From Sea World dolphin trainer and surfer to Cleo Bachelor of the Year and now a popular TV presenter, David “Dolphin Boy” Whitehill is a natural talent with an obvious affinity with animals and an engaging and down-to-earth presence on screen.

Shortly after being discovered by Cleo in 2002, the Nine Network recognised his ability and put him to work on the national children’s program Hot Source. He followed this as host of national music show So Fresh, reviewing clips and albums from around the globe while interviewing famous international music stars. He has also presented from exotic locations all around the world for Foxtel’s Nat Geo Adventure series Escape.

From Sea World’s Dolphin Pools to hosting kids’, music and travel shows, David Whitehill is an enormously popular and passionate presenter. In 2011 he became the co-host of Qantas’s flagship program Welcome, his travel reports reaching a captive audience of nearly 2 million viewers each week. David has a charismatic style and an ability to engage with audiences from all over the world and from all walks of life.

More about David Whitehill:

In 2004, David Whitehill began “crossing live” and presenting feature stories for Mornings with Kerri Anne. This role has given him vast experience in live broadcast while also providing many opportunities to travel overseas filming travel and adventure stories. In 2007 he co-hosted the program with Kerri Anne while travelling through Europe.

David has hosted a series of Just for Laughs, reported on the news-based program Brisbane Extra, and presented on the travel-based Saturday Afternoon. He’s even been on Channel Nine’s Skating on Thin Ice, a nationally broadcast series with the world-renowned Disney on Ice.

While hosting Foxtel’s international travel series Escape, he travelled to 13 different countries in the first series alone. David has also hosted a series of What’s Up Down Under for the Seven Network.

David’s also been the “Face of” some of Australia’s biggest brands including one of his earliest employers, Sea World Australia. Australian travel company Scenic Tours selected David to host and produce two travel specials from Canada, which aired to over 4 million viewers.

David is also the director of his own production company Splash MultiMedia.

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