David Thomas

CEO of Think Global Consulting & China Expert

David Thomas is the founder and CEO of Think Global Consulting, a China expert speaker, thought leader, author and facilitator. David is well known in the Asia Pacific region for his experience, credibility and passion for identifying, building and facilitating business and investment relationships between developed and emerging countries.

Over the past 20 years, David has inspired, motivated and educated global business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors to pay attention to the massive growth potential offered by modern China as the financial engine of Asia and taken them on a journey to identify and build long-term business and investment relationships.

More about David Thomas:

David lived in Hong Kong in the 1980s and 90s with his father, Michael Thomas QC, who was the Attorney General for Hong Kong (1983-88) and intimately involved in the negotiations between Britain and China to design and implement the new Basic Law of Hong Kong to take effect from 1997.

In addition, his step-mother, Baroness Lydia Dunn, was a senior political leader in Hong Kong and worked with Deng Xiaoping and Margaret Thatcher to negotiate the future of Hong Kong under Chinese sovereignty post 1997. These unique insights and high level family connections provided David with a fascinating perspective on China’s ambitions for the future which prompted his first visit to Beijing in 1989 and a life-long interest in China’s role on the global stage.

David is regularly asked to speak in conferences, seminars, workshops and board meetings around the world  on a wide range of topics, including ‘Future Trends’, ‘Innovation’, ‘Leadership’, ‘Disruption’ and ‘Globalisation’  with a particular focus on China and its changing role and impact on the global economy.

As a China expert speaker and thought leader, David is a charismatic, passionate and warm presenter with a unique ability to demystify a country that has long been hidden to the western world. He is bold in questioning the myths that many people in the west have about embracing a view to China, and at the same time empowers audiences with clear take-aways enabling them to successfully see the opportunity for what it is.

Having worked on the ground for over 30 years, in a wide range of industry sectors, he has practical examples, case studies and anecdotes to bring his presentations to life, making David an easy choice for companies and entrepreneurs looking to learn about engaging and doing business with China.

As a regular follower of news, business trends and commentary from China, David Thomas is the publisher of China Bites (www.china-bites.com) a daily newsletter in which he shares his take on what’s happening in China, and why it matters, plus some of his own views gathered from his daily activities.

China Bites is carving out an important niche as a “must read” piece at the start of every business day. In addition to his regular China Bites, David has published a number of books, blogs and opinion articles on China, including: My China Insights: How Business Gets Done, Three Cups of Tea – a practical guide to building long term sustainable relationships in China and Eight Critical Steps for your China Market Entry Strategy.

David is the Founder and CEO of Think Global Consulting, a consulting firm which facilitates business and investment between developed and emerging markets, particularly in China.

Think Global works with individuals, entrepreneurs and business leaders to build viable, sustainable and powerful connections by leveraging experience, networks and relationships in the Asia Pacific region.

He has worked with businesses of all sizes across many industry sectors to deliver a wide range of cross-border projects and assignments, including research, market entry strategies, capital-raising, joint ventures, business development and facilitating long term commercial relationships.

Think Global’s approach is open, collaborative and focused on delivering results.

Over the past 20 years, David has led and organised many missions, study tours and business delegations to China and the other “BRIC countries” which, in addition to enhancing his reputation and influence within the Asia Pacific region, has provided him with a unique opportunity to stay ahead of the trends that are redefining business between China and the rest of the world.

As a well known speaker, influencer and business leader in the Australia-China investment and trade relationship, David Thomas holds a number of prestigious and high profile appointments, including:

·         President of the Australia China SME Association (ACSME)

·         Former Vice President of the Australia China Business Council (ACBC) in NSW

·         Honorary Adviser to the Australia China Economic Trade and Cultural Association (ACETCA),

·         Chairman of Australia China Business Week

·         Board Member of the Australia China Friendship and Exchange Association

·         Australian Alumni of the inaugural Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business CEO Program

·         Australian Thought Leaders Expert of the Year 2009

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