David Ellyard

Science communicator

David Ellyard is a science communicator whose knowledge of science and technology is both broad and deep. He understands what the scientists are saying and turns their jargon into easily accessible explanations and images for audiences of any age and background. With his help, they soon discover that what the scientists are telling us can be very important to our everyday lives and to the future of the planet.

David Ellyard is available as a keynote speaker for any gathering with an emphasis on science and technology and their impacts for the environment, the economy and wider society. If you need someone to set the context for any science and technology issue, and to unravel its implications, David is your man.

More about David Ellyard:

Every day the media reports stories in which science and technology play a very important role. There are vital environmental issues such as nuclear power or genetically modified organisms, medical matters such as the threat posed by bacteria resistant to antibiotics, technological marvels such as stunning new ways to deal with information.

David’s focus is science technology and environment, with a particular interest in the whole climate change debate. He is greatly concerned with climate change and the threat that it poses to our way of life. David believes that this message is not getting through to people so they are not convinced that significant action such as controlling the emission of greenhouse gases is actually necessary. David is well equipped to address their concerns and answer their questions.

David not only works with audiences, including running workshops, to help them understand what the scientists are saying and why it is relevant to them, but he can also work with scientists to help them become better communicators.

David has been around science and technology all his working life: as a researcher, studying cosmic rays in Antarctica; as a teacher in schools and universities; as a presenter of programmes on radio and television such as Quantum and Skywatch; as the prize-winning author of more than 15 popular science books covering astronomy, weather and climate and the history of science and invention; and as a government policy adviser, helping businesses to make the most of the power of innovation.

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