Darren Carr

Australia's leading, multi-award winning Ventriloquist

Darren Carr is recognised as Australia’s Number One Stand Up Ventriloquist. He and his cast of crazy characters deliver professional and hilariously entertaining performances at corporate events, special events, clubs, theatres in Australia and worldwide.

Darren Carr has received 10 MO awards including two for Performer of the Year, two for Versatile Performer, and six for Specialty Performer. Darren Carr has also received 10 ACE awards (Australian Club Entertainment) with two awards for Performer of the Year, six for Specialty Performer, one award for Versatile Performer, and one for Comedy Performer of the year.

As an ‘MC with a difference’ or a ‘Guest Entertainer’ Darren Carr works with his range of characters, and some knowledge of your company, to personalise his performance, ensuring a unique and laugh filled event. As a special treat, you can even have one of your colleagues transformed into a life-sized ventriloquist dummy and watch them perform as you never thought they could! No matter what the occasion, Darren delivers an entertaining show. David Carr has presented specialized programs for various clients including Tooheys, Mazda, Hagemeyer, Wild Turkey, Westfield, Lend Lease, Aristocrat, Cancer Council, AFL, Breville, Starlight Foundation, Tandy Electronics, Westpac, Toyota and Dick Smith. Over the past ten years, Darren Carr has also appeared on many of the premier cruise lines including P&O, Princess, Silver Seas, Royal Caribbean and Holland America, performing with great acclaim to audiences from all over the world. He has also appeared as a headliner at the International Ventriloquist Conventions in the USA.

With his special blend of Ventriloquism, comedy, and music, Darren Carr and his hilarious characters deliver appropriate, professional and thoroughly entertaining shows for those who love to laugh.

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