Danny McMaster

International Super Impressionist

Danny McMaster is a super impressionist who has won the admiration of Morgan Freeman, Ray Martin, Eddie McGuire, Alan Jones and countless other celebrities.

Danny has an extraordinary and ever-expanding repertoire of over 300 dead-on characterisations. With minimal props and remarkable accuracy, right down to the celebrity’s gait, their facial expressions and even their most subtle mannerisms he moves rapidly from Michael Caine to Homer Simpson, Sylvester Stallone, John Cleese, Joe Cocker and Kermit The Frog… and that’s just for starters!

Danny’s “must-see” performances have been experienced by governments, corporations, clubs and associations throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and America. He has performed at clubs and theatres, and on radio and television, appearing on shows including Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show on the 9 Network.

Danny McMaster interjects topical subjects into his show, too, often including an event that may have occurred that day. Sometimes members of the audience will shout out requests, which prompt him to come up with a new character on the spot and then he’s off ad-libbing and making people chuckle, guffaw and downright out-loud belly-laugh. Every show is a marvelous blend of nonstop humor, great music and a touch of drama… and you’ll never know who’ll show up on the stage!

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