Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan

Behavioural Insights, Research & Strategies

For over 30 years, Kieran Flanagan and Dan Gregory have developed behavioural insights, research and strategies for leaders, teams and organisations around the world. This has included the most successful new product launch in Australian history, leadership and culture strategies for multinational tech giants, post graduate programs for universities in Australia and the United States and behaviour change initiatives for government departments and the United Nations in Singapore. They are also the co-authors of three books on human behaviour, decision making and change, as well as being the co-hosts of “A show called Brandin’” for LinkedIn and “The Behaviour Report.”

They are obsessed with people. Understanding them, unlocking them and engaging them.

It’s why they bring all of their knowledge about people to the stage making sure the room laughs, learns and lifts. So whether it’s delivering keynotes, workshops or panels, or crafting entire events with you and your team Kieran and Dan will have everyone in the room inspired, better informed and involved.

They have worked with clients from just about every industry sector, and delivering hundreds of presentations around the world over the years, they have learned a few things about how to keep a room energised while giving them some practical skills that live on long beyond the close of the conference.

Kieran and Dan can deliver a keynote, a workshop or a guided facilitation, they will work with you to create your best event ever.

If you’re a leader trying to engage your team, lift performance and build an attractive employer reputation; a sales person or marketer wanting to build stronger, more loyal relationships with your customers and clients; a business owner or manager looking to create greater connection between your team members or to implement a behavioural change program in a time of challenge; or a parent trying to make the case for “bedtime” and “broccoli” – you’re in “The Business of Human Behaviour.” We all are!

Kieran and Dan help leaders, teams and individuals to explore “The psychology of success” – The what, why, who, where and how you can win in business, and in life. Ultimately, they help you to UNDERSTAND yourself, and the people all around you, and then to UNLOCK the potential and genius that lies within us all!

Topics Include

Leadership & Culture

How to be a purposeful leader and create “Cultures of the Willing.” Leadership is no longer about command and control (if it ever was). Today, what defines the success or failure of your leadership is your capacity to create a culture of the willing, of the voluntary of the enthusiastic. In other words, how you create a culture and environment where people show up to be their best and do their best work.

Change & Creative Problem Solving

How to lose the fear around change and drive “Innovation on Purpose.” Change itself, often isn’t the difficult part. However people’s attitudes and behaviours around change can be. One of the reasons we find change so difficult, is that we are evolutionarily developed to do so – change in our environment, both physical and social, has historically had the potential to put our very survival at risk. So, how can we reduce the fear around change and also gain more control over the process?

Teamwork & Collaboration

How to navigate team dynamics and increase your “Collaborative Intelligence.” (What we call We-Q.™) Research tells us that diverse teams who openly share information and collaborate in a systemic way are smarter, more innovative and rebuild organisations and business models more efficiently and effectively after times of economic turmoil and challenge. And yet, very rarely are we told what kind of diversity is most valuable (Hint: all the scientific research says its cognitive rather than demographic – something organisations and teams tend to do very poorly); nor are we trained in how to build connected and collaborative teams when diversity can actually undermine cohesion, trust and harmony; and neither are we given any instructions for how to make collaboration something more practical than an answer to a question in “corporate buzzword bingo!”

Communication & Presentation Skills

How to pitch, present & persuade and “Win the room.” Seinfeld famously quipped that public speaking and communication was, “People’s number one fear. Death is number 2! What that means is, at a funeral, people would rather be in the casket than delivering the eulogy!” And yet, this so-called “soft skill” is the one most commonly cited as being critical for success as a leader, sales person, manager, marketer, entrepreneur and thought leader. So, our number one fear is also our number one professional asset if we get it right. (Pause for awkward sideways glance around the room.)

Market Insights & Branding

How to “Stand Out,” by aligning your unique capabilities with your customers, clients, communities & comms. You’ve probably heard of the “Placebo effect,” or possibly, the “Belief Effect.” What you may not realise is that these psychological phenomena not only inform our beliefs, they actually change our physiology. In other words, our expectations around an experience actually impact and influence us at a physical level. That’s essentially what a successful brand or personal brand is – a set of expectations and beliefs that change how we feel – physically, emotionally and intellectually, about an experience, product, person, service or piece of communication.

Self-Awareness & Performance

How to develop “High Performance Cultures” through self-awareness, strengths & behavioural systems. You’ve probably heard the expression, “Play to your strengths.” But is this really what drives performance and success, or are there other behavioural factors involved. In this science-based and entertaining presentation and workshop, you’ll discover tools and strategies from the worlds of positive and personality psychology, behavioural economics and design thinking that will make a fundamental difference to your mindset, performance and habits.


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