Cyril Peupion

Passionate performance coach, mentor and keynote speaker

Acclaimed author Cyril Peupion is a passionate coach, mentor and speaker who focuses on helping people to change their work habits, take control and dramatically improve their performance.

Cyril is the author of the best-selling book Work Smarter: Live Better, a Top 10 business book in Australia and a Top 100 business book in Amazon. He is also the founder of Work Smarter: Live Better (WSLB), a highly respected coaching and consulting firm for the Australian and international market.

As well as leading WSLB, Cyril coaches CEO and senior executives, is a regular keynote speaker on ‘strategy execution’ and ‘working smarter’, and helps large companies in Australia and around the world to align people with the strategy of their business.

Cyril challenges people’s current work habits to dramatically improve not only their own job satisfaction and work-life balance but also their company’s performance and bottom line.

Cyril’s deep understanding of senior executives and their teams has shown that most people have never been taught to work. We are committed to our jobs but we do not always work effectively. We work hard but not always smart.

Cyril is an entertaining and engaging speaker whose ambition is to change the lives of the people he interacts with. In his hands-on, practical and inspiring sessions, Cyril projects his passion and enthusiasm to his audience, challenging their thinking and creating a mind-shift from what he calls ‘reactive manager to proactive leader’.

Trained as an engineer, with Masters degrees in both Engineering and Strategic Management, Cyril has held senior management roles in business and talent development in Europe and Australia. In France, he was the General Manager of EF Co international group EF Education. He was also Director of Sales for British Airways, overseeing corporate and indirect sales for the group.

Cyril moved to Australia in 2001 and in 2006 he began providing efficiency solutions to millions around the world. What began with one-on-one effectiveness coaching for senior executives grew to coaching leadership teams and training small to large groups of individuals.

Cyril and his team deliver highly successful customised efficiency solutions to clients all around the world as well as some of Australia’s largest companies, including Westpac Bank, AMP, the Commonwealth Bank, Dexus Property Group and SingTel Optus.

If you are looking to increase an individual or team’s productivity, proactivity, efficiency and effectiveness then Cyril Peupion is the solution. He provides practical ways to improve business performance and transform people’s lives by changing work habits.

Cyril Peupion talks about:

  • The concepts of efficiency and effectiveness
  • The impact of existing work habits
  • The importance of aligning strategy and execution in the workplace
  • The principles of effectiveness
  • The benefits of the concept of “Think quarterly, plan weekly, act daily”
  • How to ensure continual focus on high impact activities
  • How to make decisions and stop procrastination
  • Work/life balance

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