Costa Georgiadis

Host of Gardening Australia, Host & Keynote Speaker

Costa Georgiadis is a landscape architect, environmental educator, author and television presenter who has an all-consuming passion for plants and people. As co-creator and host of Costa’s Garden Odyssey for SBS, he caught the attention of a nation. Since 2013, Costa has continued his journey as the much-loved host of one of the ABC’s most iconic and Logie award-winning programs, Gardening Australia. Costa is a must have TV and radio guest on talk shows, lifestyle programs, current affairs programs, gameshows and brings the comedy gold in unexpected places to audiences young and old. 2023 saw Costa hosting Gardening Australia Junior where he can share his love of nature and the joy of gardening for a new generation of gardeners. He wins hearts wherever he goes and his presenting work with Gardening Australia has been acknowledged with a Silver Logie and AACTA Award.

Beyond the screen, Costa is deeply involved with the importance of biodiversity and habitat, regenerative agriculture, permaculture and holistic land practices that deal with the issues arising from a rapidly urbanising world. The story of soil is a driving narrative for him. Through his workshops, lectures, keynotes, and other events, Costa is actively involved in delivering his message to the broader community, including in his role as Ambassador for Junior Landcare. His work with pre-schools, primary and high schools, TAFE colleges, universities, industry groups and community organisations demonstrates his ability to convey his knowledge of a permanent self-sustaining culture to any audience.

Most weekends you will find Costa deep in conversation and immersed in workshops at community events across the nation. You may even see him having a surf, on the side of the road taking pictures, at a farmers market, or yarning on country with communities making new friends everywhere. Discussing what’s growing in their backyards, how best to solve a garden or issue in their landscape or making a video callout for a distant relative. He lives and breathes gardening, relishing the natural world and our connection to it.

Costa’s book, Costa’s World: Gardening for the soul, the soil and the suburbs published in 2021 continues to inspire and young readers can look forward to his foray into the world of children’s books in 2024.

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