Colin James

Facilitator, Trainer, Educator, MC & Speaker

Colin James has spent his life exploring cultures, religions, philosophies and human psychology, which has seen him travel far and wide and have adventures others only read about.

With a background in broadcasting and marketing, he is an outstanding facilitator, trainer, educator, MC, consultant and coach. Immensely talented, he happily consults with clients to plan profoundly memorable, world-class conferences.

An extraordinary speaker, he holds the full attention of every room he presents to with stories that his audiences simply do not want to end.

Colin James speaks about:

Colin tailors his keynotes and workshops to the client and conference outcomes. Here is a sample of the work that he can deliver:

Lizard Management Strategies (keynote, a workshop or a combination) – Productive people who manage challenging environments well, who have what looks like natural confidence, who flourish in perceived adversity have well developed Lizard Management Strategies (LMS). This is a deeply powerful idea that Colin James has been developing for 20 years. Everyone who hears this keynote or completes this workshop is enabled to handle stress and anxiety immediately in their lives – professionally and personally. This can be a catalyst for both a cultural shift and for personal effectiveness to skyrocket. LMS is a game changer.

Followership (keynote, a workshop or a combination) – Followership challenges both Leaders in organisations (how to be a better leader) and employees (how to be a better ‘follower’).
Colin James has been studying, exploring and researching the nature of Leadership and Followership for three decades. He draws upon a host of stories, references, humour and his unique graphic presentation ability to hold audiences fully engaged and enthralled. Above all it’s practical.

Making the Impossible Possible – A life-long belief such as “I can’t draw to save my life” is turned on its head as Colin shows participants how to draw a fully rendered, artist quality portrait in one hour. This session gives participants a tangible and real-life experience for challenging and redefining their belief system. The whole session is 90 minutes of extraordinary learning. Participants learn how to release the grip of limiting beliefs; how to access their natural inner talents; the possibilities in life they may have never considered; and how badly we have been programmed and how to change it.

Managing the Change Game (keynote, a workshop or a combination) – Change for many invokes fear, anxiety and the like. Why? How can we make change an easier and less complicated palaver? In this session, Colin James unpacks the psychological change cycle and, once understood, lets people and teams manage the whole process far more effectively. Participants learn how to manage change with style and grace; how to support and manage a team through a change process superbly; and discover what it is that has stopped them from achieving goals in the past and how to ensure this does not happen again.

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