Clare Bowditch

Singer, Songwriter & Speaker & MC

Clare Bowditch is a best-selling ARIA Award winning musician (Best Female), Logie Nominated actor (for TV Show Offspring), Best-Selling Author (for her recently released memoir Your Own Kind Of Girl), experienced speaker, M.C, broadcaster, and mother of three (including identical twin boys).

As a public speaker Clare was fortunate to be trained and mentored by both Leadership Expert Fabian Dattner and folk singer and group-facilitator Fay White.  Later, in 2008, whilst researching her best-selling album ‘The Winter I Chose Happiness’, Clare also agreed to challenge her cynicism and undertake training as a ‘Life Coach’ (turns out, she bloody loved it). This culminated in her forming Big Hearted Business – a company designed to teach creative people about business and business people about creativity.  After running two un-conferences and dozens of smaller events, her place as a keynote speaker, M.C. and facilitator was firmly established.

In Oct 2019 Clare released her fist book “Your Own Kind Of Girl” through Allen & Unwin.  Its themes of shaping yourself through the stories we tell ourselves and taming your inner critic, have immediately found their audience, with a debut position of #7 in the Neilsen Book Chart#, #1 Best Seller on Booktopia, #1 Bestseller at Readings, #1 Bestseller at Dymocks, Book of the month at Dymocks for December, Audio Book #5 bestseller on Amazon. It won the 2020 ABIA for “New Writer of The Year” Award and has been named as one of Audible’s “Top 50 Books of All Time”.

In August 2020, she released an Audible Original audio book entitled “Tame Your Inner Critic” which has remained at the top of the Audible Charts since the day of it’s release. It epitomises her unique approach to skill-building, and story-telling, using a novel mix od humour, story-telling and science to help people have better relations with the voice of their self-doubt. It has been one of the most downloaded Audible podcasts over the course of the pandemic.

As a musician, she’s toured extensively with musicians such Leonard Cohen, Paul Kelly, John Butler, Cat Power, and Gotye, to name just a few.

As the beloved host of the “Afternoons” radio show on ABC Melbourne, she spoke and made friends with over 250,000 listeners daily.

In her work as a host, broadcaster and MC, Clare has interviewed and facilitated hundreds of events and conversations with the likes of authors Jeanette Winterson and Zoe Foster-Blake, singers Linda Rondstadt and Jackson Browne, both local and federal politicians (including former PM’s Julia Gillard and Malcolm Turnbull – not at the same time), famous sportspeople, astrophysicists, mental health experts, and remarkable people who may not have ‘famous names’ but who have equally fascinating stories to share.

Clare is as confident leading intimate single-day workshops with a dozen executives as she is leading an audience of 12,000 at the M.C.G. in a ‘Mass sing-along’ (she knows how to harness our collective terror of group singing and turn it into a skill-building exercise the likes of which you may never have seen before).

Claire Bowditch talks about:

  1. How to Tame Your Inner Critic — skill-building lessons about how to use your brain for self-leadership. Based on Clare’s memoir, Your Own Kind of Girl
  2. Modern Mental Health — skill-building around mindfulness, using your anxiety for good, talking back to your ‘inner-critic’ (neuroscience). and what it actually takes to live your ‘Your Amazing Life’)
  3. ‘If you can speak, you can sing’ – a Masterclass in Courage and Self-Leadership (very fun: works for groups of both 5 and 5,000. Teaches audiences to challenge their limiting stories. Lots of air-pumping!)
  4. Women in Leadership/Business (skill-building, capacity-building, confidence-building, addressing and resolving common barriers to “success”)
  5. Self Leadership (how to live “Your Amazing Life”, without changing your day-job)
  6. Big Hearted Business (small business training, entrepreneurship, confidence, marketing with integrity, empathy as a business super-power)

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