Chris Helder

Business Communication Expert, Author & Keynote Speaker

For over two decades, Chris Helder has been captivating audiences with his trademark style, explosive energy and powerful messages that build resilience and deliver hope, inspiration and entertainment. You’ll be hard pressed to find a speaker on the circuit who is more passionate about their craft or delivers longer term results than Chris Helder.

His principles have been adopted globally as the gold standard in building a mindset for resilience, high performance and results. But his presentations go way deeper than a single-shot motivational speech. His ability to challenge traditional, outdated ways of thinking and seed proven sales and leadership concepts and an ethos for long-term change has made Chris the go-to speaker for sectors as diverse as real estate, retail, education, hospitality, banking and finance, insurance and more.

The world has never needed the philosophy of Useful Belief more than now. In challenging times, humans crave certainty and have traditionally turned to positive thinking to find and create a sense of certainty. But as Chris Helder proves, simply ‘being positive’ to avoid reality doesn’t lead to long-term, sustainable performance.

The principles and strategies within the Useful Belief concept are applicable, practical and provide a solid blueprint for navigating change, building resilience and maximising performance.


Chris Helder speaks about:

The Simple Shift: For years, people have been told to try and be ‘positive’. The reality is that when most people try this, they are unable to sustain it and end up feeling worse than when they started out. In this presentation Chris helps everyone in the organisation determine what useful actions and useful beliefs are, in every situation, to gain maximum results.

How to Influence People: This powerful presentation makes an immediate impact in the areas of communication, sales, leadership and building customer relationships. Each participant will leave with a greater understanding of those they are trying to influence, in order to create a stronger connection and ultimately better results.

Cut the Noise: With everything from media, social media, endless emails and countless meetings, it can feel like fifty thousand things hitting us from every direction. In business today it becomes even more important than ever to identify what gets results and what is simply a waste of time. This compelling keynote has an impact on the ability to focus and prioritise for greater success. Audiences explore the following techniques:

• Accelerated Focus – a technique to increase concentration and demonstrate to participants how they can achieve more in less time,
• Circles of Importance – a technique for prioritisation, simplification and eliminating distraction, and
• 10 Seconds of Guilt…Move On – a technique to manage internal negativity and increase individual production

Chris has presented his high-energy messages globally, to clients including Citibank, Merrill Lynch, Glaxo Smith Kline, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Fuji Xerox, Levi’s, and Olympic Winter Institute of Australia. He speaks at conferences in the areas of communication, influence, human potential, leadership and mastering the face-to-face customer experience.

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