Cate McQuillen

Award Winning Writer, Director & Keynote Speaker

Cate McQuillen is the Emmy-award winning Australian co-creator of the much loved animated stories of Dirtgirlworld and its live action series, Get Grubby TV. Both explore the concept of ‘what is getting outside and getting grubby?’

A talented weaver of stories, Cate can tell a story with equal power whether she’s on stage or on screen. By drawing on her love of nature, she helps her audience explore the world, where we belong in it and when and how we can shape it. She is committed to the notion that ideas, words, and actions can influence a generation.

More about Cate McQuillen:

From her home base in the NSW Northern Rivers region, Cate McQuillen, and her partner Hewey Eustace, are mememe productions, creating ‘out there’ children’s programming for a new generation of content seekers. With a myriad of skills and interests, her greatest assets are her approach and attitude, and her ability to generate ideas, motivate, inspire and see the ‘big picture’.

Cate’s character Dirtgirl has become a familiar face in 128 countries. What started with a CD, became an animated TV series with music, some cool websites, and a club where kids can voice their love of our planet; an app that shows you how to grow seeds, a range of organic seeds to go with it; and a Facebook page that has peaked at a weekly reach of 50 million.

Dirtgirl has been the national Tree Day Ambassador, the Clean Up Schools ambassador and her picture is on the side of garbage trucks in the quest to influence a new generation.

Melbourne born and raised, Cate’s work as a writer, director and producer has been recognised with multiple awards that include best director for Get Grubby TV and one of just a few Emmys that live in Australia. Other awards include the Richmond Valley -2015 International Women’s Day, business woman of the year award; the Esben Storm award for best direction in a children’s TV program (Australian Directors Guild May 2015); and the NSW green globe award (NSW Environment Department 2016). She won the Screen Producers Association of Australia Holding Redlich pitching competition and the best pitch presentation for Kidscreen Summit, New York.

Cate is passionate about creating a sustainable screen industry and growing talent in the NSW Northern Rivers, especially for women.

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