Buena Vista Dance

Sensational Latin dance entertainment and workshops

The Buena Vista Dance Cuban Academy is a sensational Latin American dance troupe that both entertains and teaches the magic of Latin American dance. With superb style, flamboyant costuming and high energy, they add colour, a sense of festivity and enormous excitement to corporate events, awards evenings, celebrations and seminars.

In 2009 alone, this multi award winning group was awarded 1st place in the Australian Salsa Rueda Competition 2009 (Melbourne), 1st place in the Australian Bachata Championships-Professional Division (Melbourne) and 1st place in the Australian Bachata Championships-Professional Division (Sydney).

The Buena Vista Dance Cuban Academy was founded by Airagdin Pavon More, known as “El Moro”. Moro toured internationally with ‘Havana Nights’ and in Australia. In 2004, Moro established Buena Vista Dance to teach Cuban style and promote his culture in Australia.

Buena Vista has performed in major events such as Salsa congresses, Latin festivals and private functions – and across the nation in Melbourne, Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour, Brisbane as well as in New Zealand.

Moro’s specialty is Afro-Cuban styles, Rumba, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha and, Son, his strength – always showing great style and refining the Salsa community in this art form.

The company’s focus is to inculcate Cuban roots, emphasizing the origin of Salsa – Cuban Son, together with Afro-Cuban and Rumba rhythms.

Buena Vista Dance is experimenting with new ways to promote the culture and teach the most enjoyable way to dance to the music. In Cuba they say dancing is freedom to your feet and your soul.

Moro and Alegria met through music and dancing, performing together as dance partners. They also joined a Cuban Academy -Afro Cuban Express -and now they successfully run the Buena Vista Dance Academy, teaching classes, performing all over Sydney , running workshops and organising great events such as Latin Organic to promote their Latin culture.

Buena Vista Dance Cuban Academy can offer you:

A range of authentic Latin Dance Classes during which the participants will gain an understanding of Latin American music and culture, in either:

  • Cha cha cha
  • Rumba
  • Cuban Son
  • Salsa de Casino
  • Bachata or
  • Afro Cuban

Buena Vista Dance will entertain you with a 45 minute spectacular incorporating one to six dancers dependent on your budget, with your choice of:

  • Capoeira ( Brazilian martial art – acrobatics)
  • Brazilian drummers (Batucada boys)
  • Brazilian Dancers ( Samba girls)
  • Cuban styles ­­-Salsa, Cha cha cha, Rumba, Afro-cuban, Mambo
  • Bachata from Dominican Republic ( authentic moves)
  • Lambada dance
  • Belly Dancer
  • Tango performance or
  • Spanish Flamenco (solo performance)

If you want to be inspired, educated, informed or entertained and, at the very least, congratulated after the event on your great choice of Speaker browse our speakers.