Bruce Dickinson

Iron Maiden Vocalist, Corporate Speaker

Bruce Dickinson is the lead vocalist of Iron Maiden – arguably one of the most influential and revered bands of all time. He is also an entrepreneur, a creative business thinker and a charismatic speaker at business events.

As vocalist of Iron Maiden since the 1980s (with a short break during the 90s), Bruce Dickinson’s exceptional talents have contributed to the sale of over 90 million albums from 16 studio album recordings. The band reached the number one spot in more than 28 countries simultaneously as well as reaching an all-time high of #4 on the Billboard with 2010’s The Final Frontier. Iron Maiden continues to attract massive audiences to its international tours.

As well as music, Bruce Dickinson has a passion for aircraft. He is the man behind Cardiff Aviation, a company that specialises in heavy maintenance of Airbus and Boeing commercial aircraft and training pilots.

A qualified pilot, he has flown a variety of aircraft, making international headlines in the process. In 2008, he flew Iron Maiden 50,000 miles around the world in 45 days, in the band’s own specially chartered Boeing 757, Ed Force One. Coverage of that tour was subsequently turned into an award-winning film and DVD Flight 666. Released in 2009, it hit the No.1 slot in the music DVD charts in 25 countries, the same year the band picked up their first ever British Award for Best British Live Act.

Proving his talent as a pilot, in 2014 Bruce Dickinson amongst other pilots, staged a sensational aerial dogfight in the skies above the Sonisphere Festival, Knebworth. Bruce flew his very own WW1 German Fokker Dr1, in The Great War Display, just hours ahead of taking to the stage with Iron Maiden.

Bruce Dickinson talks about:

Bruce Dickinson delivers world-class speeches to corporations around the globe. He compares the challenges of operating in the world of rock music and commercial aviation with those in the business world; from teamwork, forward planning and the ability to learn from setbacks and move on successfully.

Bruce Dickinson focuses on turning customers into fans. He enjoys the thrill of creativity and refreshes this spark in audiences across a range of business topics.

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