Brooke Jowett

Health and Wellness Expert

Brooke Jowett is passionate about health and wellness and an expert in the industry. Brooke is determined in her mission to make the world get up and move. Brooke is an inspiration as she guides us to breath and be more mindful about lifestyle options for our minds, bodies and spirits.

More about Brooke Jowett:

Brooke Jowett is a qualified fitness professional and popular media personality, best known for her appearance in Channel 10’s Australian Survivor, All Stars 2020.

Most recognised for her physical efforts during the challenge component of the game, she has grown a strong social engagement over the past few years with followers seeking inspiration from her physical and mental determination.

Most recently Brooke has taken up the role of Master HIIT Trainer for the hugely popular Keep It Cleaner workout program & app.

With appearances on Australian Survivor, The Project, Family Feud, Studio Ten and Have You Been Paying Attention, Brooke has proved to be a popular guest and entertaining personality.

With qualifications in Health Science and Personal Training, Brooke combines her academic knowledge with her personal insights when sharing her health and wellness messaging and guidance. For Brooke it’s also about creating a positive attitude, enjoying the lighter side of life and appreciating every moment. She has a strong sense of adventure and loves travelling the globe, blogging her stories along the way.

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