Brett Bower

The Sand Artist

Brett Bower is an award-winning cartoonist and classically trained animator who has worked internationally in film and TV. However, it’s as The Sand Artist that Brett is enthralling audiences around the world, from Australia to the Middle East and South East Asia. Brett has turned his not inconsiderable talents to producing sand animation, creating visually stunning shows created in sand and set to emotive music.

In his highly original performances, Brett creates images that tell amazing stories by drawing on a backlit sand-covered light box. As each image evolves to the next, the storytelling continues.

Whether it’s Coming to Australia, Waltzing Matilda or the story of Gallipoli, Brett’s focus is producing uniquely Australian stories that will move you. However he can also produce a unique sand show tailored to a client’s theme or key message.

Brett also appears at events as a presenter or MC. Producing quick cartoons and caricatures while he speaks, Brett has the talent and personality to keep audiences entertained. Brett’s cartoons and illustrations reinforce your ideas and help your audience retain the key points you want to deliver. He can also sketch and animate digital images that can be projected onto the big screen and printed at your event.

Brett Bower began his professional career as an animator in 1982, working on animated classics such as Scooby Doo, The Smurfs and Footrot Flats. He also worked in London and the US as a cartoonist and animator.

Brett is highly sought-after by corporate clients such as Qantas, St George Bank, MLC, Acer Computers, Castrol and IBM, to name but a few, and performs at over 100 events each year. He has also appeared at events as diverse as Bollywood weddings, Christmas shows, medical conferences, gala dinners as well as an NRL game in front of 40,000 people.

His media appearances include The Today Show, Australian Idol and Big Brother.

Highly creative and highly engaging, Brett Bower as The Sand Artist offers truly memorable, moving and fabulous entertainment for your next event.

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