Brennon Dowrick

Olympic Gymnast & Motivational Speaker

One of the world’s most unique and effective performance motivators, Brennon doesn’t just “talk the talk” – he actually “walks the talk” live on stage with a spectacular live gymnastics demonstration which highlights and reinforces his practical and effective messages!

Brennon is a former Olympic Gymnast, Journalism graduate, husband and Dad of 4 children. He represented Australia at two Olympic games, 3 Commonwealth Games and was a multiple gold medal winner at Commonwealth Games. Brennon certainly takes that extra spectacular step to deliver a truly memorable experience. The element of surprise is an exciting part of Brennon’s presentations. An Olympic pommel horse is unveiled and his suit and tie come off to reveal his Olympic Competition uniform. Throughout his presentation Brennon demonstrates skills on the pommel horse to reinforce his inspiring messages on teamwork, building success on strong foundations and his “15 minute” secret to success! The presentation finishes on a high with Brennon performing his 9.9 Gold Medal winning routine – an incredible accomplishment considering he is now in his 40’s and first performed the routine as an 18 year old! His ability to still do this performance proves the effectiveness of his motivational messages and are a memorable and effective vehicle to reinforce positive messages. The live demonstration provides a “wow” factor ensuring the presentation is both memorable, and effective in inspiring positive change.

Brennon is an opening and closing keynote specialist when there is the goal to start or finish a conference on a high with a unique and unforgettable speaker. He also adds enormous value to any session where you are looking for a speaker “a bit outside the square” to make a positive, memorable and lasting impact on delegates.

Not just a “sports” speaker, Brennon’s keynote is entertaining with a proven business performance message. In 2013, looking for a new challenge to ensure his motivational business messages were still relevant, Brennon founded social enterprise Champion Edge – a motivational program with a focus on health and fitness for Australian teenagers. Fast forward two years and Champion Edge has the support of some of Australia’s most successful athletes including Mark Webber and Pat Rafter and is on target to positively influence up to 100 000 Australian teenagers each year!

Brennon Dowrick talks about:

Brennon’s most popular topics are listed below however each presentation is tailored to the clients brief to ensure he complement and support the themes and objectives for the conference or event or incorporate a company’s core values into to the presentation and relate them to Brennon’s messages.

  • Building Success on Strong Foundations – Getting the basics right in any task before you move on – relevant to people at all levels every day of their working lives.
  • Teamwork for the Individual – A fresh perspective on teamwork. How working with and learning from your colleagues will not only help reach your team’s goals will increase your individual success as well.
  • Finding the Competitive Edge – How an extra 15 minutes a day can change your life. This additional focus boosts your confidence and gives you a powerful edge over your competition both mentally and in terms of goals achieved.

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