Bradley Dryburgh

Storyteller and advocate for chronic illness

Proving that our perspective towards hardship can foster purpose and develop formidable resilience, Bradley ran his first 2 marathons shortly after being rushed to hospital for complications with his chronic illness, a far cry from the harsh words of a childhood doctor who told Brad’s parents he wouldn’t survive his teenage years.

The lessons learnt in the face of life-threatening adversity is why Bradley considers himself to be ‘blessed with cystic fibrosis. With a firm belief that choosing to control our perspective and beliefs are the first port of call in a successful life and career, it’s no surprise that Brad has become an in-demand speaker for his ability to draw actionable insights from his own inspiring lived experience.

All within his captivating story, you can expect to learn: 2 simple steps to developing your life purpose, practical tools to master belief and perspective, along with the sure-fire way to render the resilience required to overcome the hardship we all experience as human beings.

Bradley talks about

Master your perspective and self-belief:
Time and time again, we hear successful teams and individuals talk about ‘controlling the controllable’. Our perspective and our beliefs are two of the very few things we can truly control and they both serve an incredibly important role in challenging times. Belief dictates behaviour and behaviour often determines our outcomes. But let’s not forget, that outcomes often fall outside of our control and that is where perspective serves as a valuable asset to have in our toolbox. Perspective allows us to reframe the outcomes that aren’t desirable and find the opportunities to learn and grow.

Develop resilience:
Adversity is a normal part of life on earth. It finds us in many forms and at many times in our life. Whilst pain is inevitable, suffering is a choice. That is why you must choose your suffering wisely. Developing the resilience required to handle our adversity in life is a matter of leaning into discomfort and exercising perspective. The happiest and most successful amongst our society have developed their resilience and continue to do so.

Craft a purpose driven life:
Research shows that having a sense of purpose is good for our well-being and improves our resilience to stress. Most people go through life confusing purpose with goals. Goals are measurable and specific whilst your purpose acts as the true north of your internal compass. It can’t be measured nor can it be taken away from you. A sense of purpose gives meaning to life. It combines passion with service and fuels progress.


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