Bob Bevan MBE

The UK's top sporting speaker

Bob ‘The Cat’ Bevan is renowned as the leading sporting speaker in the UK.

Bob has worked with the most famous stars of sport and showbiz as an after dinner speaker and keynote presenter for many major corporations in over a dozen countries

In Australia, Bob has featured with Michael Parkinson, Dennis Lillie, Jeff Thompson, Greg and Ian Chappell and Max Walker, to name a few.

Bob was a presenter on BBC national radio 5’s six-o-six show, and was a regular guest on BBC 1 (aunties’ sporting bloomers), radio 4 and sky sports.

Bob’s first book, Nearly famous, a collection of his sporting thoughts and anecdotes, was a best seller in the UK.

Bob Bevan's awards include:

  • Honorary barker of the Variety Club
  • United Kingdom soccer speaker of the year
  • Mail on Sunday after-dinner speakers hall of fame

In 2004 Bob was also awarded the MBE for services to charity by HM the Queen

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