Bluetongue Harmonica

Interactive workshops to get your team on track

Craig Lyons AKA Captain Bluetongue is a highly qualified educator and performer with over 32 years of experience under his belt. Specialising in Team Building and Wellness Programs using The Blues Harmonica.

For thousands of years the power of music and rhythm has revitalised and unified groups of people Rhythm is innate within us all the beat of our heart, the way we walk and the clapping of our hands.

We provide a fun experience for everyone to express themselves rhythmically in a positive empowering and unifying way.

Do you want to play The Blues Harmonica?

Come and blow your heart out with Craig Lyons, experienced harmonica educator and performer. Craig is a member of the critically acclaimed Blues Preachers & The Marvellous Hearts, 3 time judge at The Tamworth Golden harmonica Championships as well as the musical director and organiser of the popular Sydney Harmonica Festival 2000-2003.

In March 2021 Craig Lyons conducted “A Sonic Journey” on The History of The Harmonica.

Workshops & Performances:

The Blues Harmonica Team Train – This is the Blue Tongue Harmonica’s main team-building tool. Everyone is given a harmonica to play, creating a harmonica ‘band’ that is accompanied by the Blue Tongue musicians and facilitators on an exhilarating rhythmic adventure.

Blues Jam – Participants are grouped then combined in sections to improvise a complete blues progression. During these events, surprise and fun reign supreme. Each group member receives a complimentary harmonica that can be branded with your company logo.

The Blues Preachers – The Blues Preachers will make you want to get up and dance with their joyful country and ragtime blues, and send a shiver down your spine with their atmospheric feels – echoing and paying homage to the sacred sounds of early artists such as Blind Willie Johnson.

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