Billy Graham

Dynamic & Entertaining Motivator

Billy Graham is New Zealand’s best-loved motivator and fitness advisor. He is bold, bouncy and brimming over with energy and enthusiasm.

Billy Graham has spent a lifetime involved in sport and physical fitness. A former New Zealand and Australasian light welterweight boxing champion, he has achieved success through goal setting and determination.

Billy delights in telling stories of his own life to show that anyone can make it. He has delivered keynote presentations in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and the UK. In June 1997 Billy Graham was the main platform speaker at the Million-Dollar Round Table Convention in Atlanta, a New Zealand first. He received a standing ovation from the audience of 5,000.

Billy Graham began his working life as a butcher before teaching physical education and later starting his own business. Billy designed a unique fitness product complete with endorsements from the US Airforce Academy and Floyd Patterson – ex world heavy weight champion. No small achievement for a dyslexic who left school at 14!

Billy’s talents were recognised in Made in New Zealand, a Television New Zealand program featuring successful New Zealand companies. He has also appeared on 60 Minutes. In 1998, Billy published his motivational memoir, Your Ship Came In The Day The Doctor Smacked Your Bum. It reached No.1 bestseller on New Zealand’s business book list.

In January 2006 Billy established the Naenae Boxing Academy; a charitable trust and the fulfilment of a life-long dream to have his own boy’s club in his troubled home town of Naenae. Out of his desire to make a difference, and provide for others, here Billy trains up to 100 young men three days a week

Billy Graham talks about:

Keynote presentations: (approximately 60 minutes):

  • Motivation – Make it happen with Billy the Kid – Billy’s life story; motivational, get your attitude right, make the most of yourself and every opportunity.
  • Health & Fitness – Healthy living made simple – the right food to eat, how to exercise, and how to sort out the best lifestyle for you and your family. Billy is a genius at all this! Energy unleashes energy and has a large impact on performance.
  • Sales & Marketing – I’ll never stop selling – build that relationship with commitment and enthusiasm. Billy will motivate even the most experienced salesperson to get back there and take more money out of people’s pockets!

After dinner:

Billy Graham can entertain your client’s guests with a lively & humorous after dinner guest spot. Choose from a range of topics including: Confessions of a Butcher, Stories of Boxing Legends or Tales of Billy’s Humorous Journey into Guest Speaking.

Workshops: (approximately 1 1/2 hours):

  • Teamwork – getting the best out of your workmates, how to enjoy your day while still achieving
  • Energy Unleashes Energy – simple workout using Billy’s fitness products. Billy can answer individual questions about health/fitness issues during this session.
  • Stress Management – don’t take yourself too seriously, realise the hero that’s within
  • Team Workshops – that include management, brainstorming, thinking outside the square
  • Individual Planning Workshops – writing out and committing to goals
  • Sales Training – building relationships effectively, motivating even the most experienced sales people
  • Family Conference – family goal setting

Choose from a specific topic or a combination of workshops incorporating anything from a fitness and health component using Billy’s skipping ropes and a fun lesson on how to play the harmonica, to a series of keynotes, or a “liquorice allsorts” of all three of his keynotes delivered in the one message. Alternatively, Billy Graham can tailor a workshop to suit your needs.

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