Ben Pettingill

Inspirational speaker

Ben Pettingill sees life in a different way to most. At age 16, Ben lost 98% of his eyesight overnight to a rare genetic syndrome, Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. This sudden traumatic event turned his world upside down, redefined everything he knew and crushed all his childhood dreams in an instant. Yet it was also the beginning of him seeing life with a whole new view.

Ben grew up in country Victoria, Australia. After completing High School, he went on to University to study Business. It was during his studies that Ben realised his passion is to inspire everyone to see the world with a whole new view. This is what Ben calls True and Limitless Vision. Ben has a very unique lifestyle which includes motorbike riding, water skiing and traveling extensively by himself despite only having 2% vision. Ben is also the only legally blind person in the world to have competed, untethered, in the internationally recognised Spartan Obstacle Course Race.

Ben’s ability to capture the imagination of any audience is exciting and transformational and his stories must be seen and heard by all. Ben unpacks his message with enthusiasm and humour. He uses his experiences and the solutions he has developed to make a long lasting, positive impact on his audience. Ben’s greatest passion is adding value through empowering people to discover True and Limitless Vision.

Ben Pettingill talks about:

True Vision: What You See is What You Get

Through a powerful story of transformation, Ben speaks about his personal experience of overcoming one of the toughest adversities a person could ever face; losing his eyesight, over night at age 16.

Ben’s journey is extraordinary but the greatest lesson is how he discovered a whole new view to life. This was the birth of his message in understanding what ‘True Vision’ really is. He now uses his message of ‘True Vision’ to help businesses and organisations flip their vision to see their people, planet and profits soar.

Ben’s unique style of integrating his personal story and key take aways from his presentations is highly engaging, encourages participation and leaves any audience truly transformed.

In this talk, you will learn:

  • Powerful stories in Understanding True Vision
  • Discover YOUR True Vision
  • How your team can see through the ‘Eye of True Vision’
  • Understand how to flip your vision to see your people, planet and profit soar.

Limitless Vision: Transforming a Limited Life Into a Limitless Life

Too many people have big ideas or dreams, but lack the motivation and direction to bring their ideas to life and make their dreams reality. Through Ben’s experiences, he made a decision to never allow his visual impairment to limit his life. Ben shares with you his inspiring stories of achieving his dreams and actioning his ideas, despite his circumstances and the noise around him that told Ben it was all impossible. He does this to instill the same attitude towards dreams and aspirations within his audiences.

In pursuit of his dreams, Ben has created a step by step process for you and your teams to aspire, action and achieve any big, audacious goal, a ‘Limitless Vision’.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Unbelievable achievements that prove anything is possible through Ben’s storytelling.
  • The 3 A’s towards Limitless Vision.
  • Tools and strategies to ignite your teams Limitless Vision.

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