Belinda Yabsley

Expert on customer relationship management

Belinda Yabsley has built an inspiring reputation for innovation in the art of customer relationship management. Starting in the automotive industry as a receptionist, Belinda went on to become the youngest Branch Manager of a Mercedes-Benz owned dealership in Australia, and the first female to be recruited for this position. Belinda then went on to launch the worlds first “Mercedes-Benz Airport Express” in Sydney, a unique concept resulting in previously unheard of levels of customer satisfaction.

Currently a well-respected mentor and speaker, Belinda is still referred to as “Miss Mercedes” by many within the media and business world. Her reputation being based on both her stellar sales record and ground breaking work in the field of customer experience management.

Belinda believes in creating client experiences based on respect, trust, patience and empathy. For her, relationships do not stop after the sale, in fact that’s only the beginning. As a result, 100% of her sales business has come from repeat clients and referrals. This level of commitment enabled Belinda to set new benchmarks in the prestige Automotive industry, including writing the first custom order in Australia for the Maybach Saloon valued at $1 million. It also gained her International recognition, having been nominated for many of Australia’s leading business awards, including winning 2005 Sydney Business Woman of the Year by Sydney Business Review.

Belinda’s sessions demonstrate how service innovation begins with an attitude and a willingness to embrace the unknown, also practical techniques on how to turn your ideas into customer driven solutions. Her sales success relates both to new consultants starting on their customer experience journey, to sales managers looking for new ways to encourage their teams to take ownership and embrace a proactive approach.

Belinda’s story is truly inspirational and loaded with insightful approaches for achieving extraordinary. With such a loyal following and reputation, she has emerged as a sought-after motivational speaker on service, attracting the top end of town, fostering innovation and customer service excellence.

Belinda Yabsley talks about:

A polished and engaging speaker, Belinda Yabsley imparts her knowledge and experience at presentations directed to sales teams, professional service providers, front line staff and business owners, managers and franchisors. Her presentations include:

How to Engage the Top End of Town

Elegance, class, style and unrivalled customer service are all synonymous with the top end of town. Belinda reveals how to engage and prosper from this market. You will be challenged to change the way you do things in your business, using a proven strategy that has resulted in $13 million in Mercedes- Benz vehicle sales per annum. Belinda believes value is in the relationship, not the transaction. Her key to success shows ways to give extraordinary service, by creating memorable customer experiences that clients crave and reward you for.

Fostering a culture of Intrapreneurship’

The future of business relies on fostering innovation from the inside. Intrapreneurs are those who innovate from within their organisations, the hands-on ‘doers’ who roll up their sleeves and inspire others. Belinda Yabsley has built a laudable reputation for Intrapreneurship. At 31, she is the first female and youngest general manager of a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Australia, recently launching the innovative and world first Airport Express dealership. By concentrating on simple steps, Belinda believes every company can release the Intrapreneurial spirit buried within their teams.

Customer service, excellence and loyalty

In a culture where we tend to accept poor levels of customer service as the norm, Belinda will share her secrets and highlight customer experiences that have earnt her an international reputation for delivering and rewriting the rules on customer service excellence. She will share with you methods to increase your current repeat and referral business, building quality relationships with your clientele.

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