Barry Urquhart

Consumer Behavioural and marketing Speaker and Author

Barry Urquhart is an internationally respected and in-demand conference keynote speaker, business strategist, consumer behaviour analyst and a top selling author.

Barry is author of six books, including the two largest selling publications on service excellence in Australasia. His latest is ‘Marketing Magic- Streetsmart Marketing‘.

Each year Barry travels some 300,000 kilometres on five continents to deliver up to 120 keynote addresses, and to facilitate around 15 strategic planning workshops, and is one of the most active conference keynote speakers in the nation.

He is a regular commentator on consumer issues on ABC radio, is featured on a series of interview topics on Today Tonight, recorded a monthly segment for the airline in-flight audio program ‘Strictly Business’ and contributes articles to 47 magazines throughout the world.

Barry is a former lecturer in Marketing and Management at Curtin University of Technology in Perth and has degrees in marketing, political science and sociology.

Topics Barry Speaks about include:

Service That Sells – As author of ‘Serves You Right!‘ and ‘Service Please!‘ on quality customer service Barry’s ongoing schedule of original research into differing aspects of service excellence provides unique insights into the needs and expectations of internal and external customers. The true nature of relationship marketing, customer satisfaction, loyalty programmes and empowerment of staff is detailed in a captivating style. Barry has been at the forefront of the customer service revolution for over a decade. His case studies, anecdotes and research findings enthuse and inspire.

Breakthrough Merchandising – A fresh innovative perspective on how to enhance company and product images; how to stimulate consumer interest; and lots of ideas which can increase sales and counter the need to discount price. This visual merchandising address features a multitude of photographic images which profile contemporary case studies.

Business Warfare – A high energy address or workshop which is an ideal conference theme. ‘Business Warfare’ centres on competitive strategies, identifying opportunities and analysing the implications of differing tactics. It is original, with easy to implement strategies which have an international record of success for client companies from a diverse range of industries. The choice is between the only four available strategies: Defence, Attack, Flank and Guerrilla.

The DNA of Profitable Retailing – A refreshing, insightful and challenging look at the emerging market forces and the fundamentals of retail success. Attendees benefit from an appreciation of the seven dimensions of effective merchandising and the eight building blocks to productive supply chain and brand management.

Barry also has a range of other presentations and all are customised and extensively researched to ensure that key issues are addressed, the needs of the delegates are satisfied and the objectives fulfilled. The primary focus is on takeout value for all attendees, on enhancing sales margins and profits, while improving relationships, referrals and loyalty.

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