Anton Guinea

Leadership Under Pressure

Burns survivor, international speaker, researcher, best-selling author, triathlete, husband, father, and founder of The Guinea Group of Companies.

Anton Guinea helps leaders to put things into perspective. Because he’s learnt to do that in his own life, following devastating burns injuries, and other life hurdles.

Anton’s experiences have led him to become a visionary thought leader, delivering the right mix of empathy and enthusiasm in all his sessions. He:


He is an expert presenter, adept at sharing his passion, energy, and enterprise thinking-focused life lessons to help leaders everywhere to leverage their leadership learnings to support their teams and build more satisfying careers.

Anton Guinea’s leadership and life stories epitomise resilience, refocus, and the power of transformation, inspiring countless individuals worldwide to embrace their true potential and create meaningful impact.

More About Anton

A professional speaker since 2005, Anton has worked with global organisations within Australia and across the world.

His energy, engagement, and enterprise thinking is helping leaders develop into transformational and inspiring role models, who uplift the people in their care, and create high-performing teams.

With a noteworthy ability to help people to think differently, Anton’s speaking packages also comprise pre- and post-event support and resources, helping leaders and their teams to maintain their commitment to growth and development in the lifelong process of upgrading their mindsets.

Anton is a widely regarded keynote speaker. But he is also a qualified Resilience Coach, a graduate of psychology and human resources, and a former tradesperson experienced in working under pressure and for poor-performing leaders. This valuable experience, paired with his unshakeable commitment to his ‘why’— leaving people better than he found them—underpins his truly transformative performance as a speaker.

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