Anthony Mitchell

Strategic leadership advisor & facilitator

Anthony Mitchell was appointed Chairman and co-founder of Bendelta in 2003 and is a strategy and leadership advisor to leading international organisations. Prior to joining Bendelta, Anthony spent 12 years with the Sheffield Group where he was a Partner and CEO of Sheffield Australia.

Anthony has advised companies globally for the last 17 years. He has worked in Australia, New Zealand, China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan and Papua New Guinea, advising on strategic issues for clients including three of the largest financial institutions in the Asia-Pacific region.

Anthony Mitchell combines his extensive hands on experience with impressive academic learning gained from degrees in Mathematics and Psychology from the University of Auckland (where he was Senior Scholar in both the Mathematics and Psychology faculties), and post-graduate Business qualifications from Cornell University, New York.

His roles on private, public sector and not-for-profit boards have included:

  • External Appointee to the Strategy Group of the Audit Office (NSW) – appointed 2008
  • National Vice-President (Deputy Chair) of Amnesty International Australia; Board member – appointed 2008
  • Member of the Governance Committee; former member of the Audit & Risk Committee
  • Member of the UTS Adult Education Think Tank – appointed 2010
  • Director of Bendelta – appointed 2003
  • Occasional guest strategy advisor on Channel 7’s Business Builders – appointed 2009

Indeed, Anthony is actively involved in facilitating some of the most significant transformation projects in the Asia-Pacific region.

Anthony’s successes have included:

New priorities in the Asia Pacific region led to the appointment of Anthony and his team to lead a project across 12 countries for a significant bank. Together with the joint project team, Anthony created a strategic plan for rapid growth along with a new management structure, including the creation of four sub-regions, new pan-regional roles and a new management dashboard.

Working across 17 countries including India, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, Anthony led a program to position the Asia-Pacific region (comprising over 10,000 employees) as the growth engine for the global business. Anthony worked in-country with the Regional President, Country MDs and their direct reports to build and tailor growth plans within each sub-region.

Anthony was the facilitator in a multi-partite strategic planning process to reform the governance of remote Australia. Along with 19 leaders (including The Hon Fred Chaney AO, Dr Peter Shergold AC, and Lieutenant General John Sanderson AC) drawn from public and private sectors Anthony reviewed the linkages between all three levels of government, then proposed new governance models. In his role as facilitator, Anthony ran forums around Australia, including with Indigenous leaders on-country in Alice Springs and Arnhem Land.

Anthony Mitchell facilitates:

As a facilitator, Anthony Mitchell works with audiences to drive sustainable growth across companies, regions and countries. In his work, he enables attendees to understand:

  • What distinguishes the companies that achieve high growth rates year after year?
  • How do they run the business differently?
  • What stands out in terms of their approach?
  • What matters most in industries driven by people, knowledge and intellectual property?
  • The six key business principles and six mindset elements that drive double-digit growth
  • How the 2010-2020 decade will demand different thinking on strategy
  • Insights into the growth strategies that will be most effective in the decade ahead
  • What senior leaders must do to successfully execute the company strategy.

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