Anthony Laye

World-leading mentalist, unique keynote speaker

Is it really possible to read someone’s mind? Blending heightened observational skills, psychological ploys, suggestion and showmanship, celebrity mind reader and keynote speaker Anthony Laye will have you awestruck and wondering if there is any other logical explanation.

Intriguing mind-reading performer

As soon as Anthony walks on stage for his mind-reading performances he has audiences suspended in disbelief and amazement, watching open mouthed as he delves into the minds of others, extracting specific thoughts. They are all asking themselves, ‘How did he do that?!!’ Anthony’s show encompasses humour and wit along with feats beyond the realm of what we believe to be possible.

Unique and empowering keynote presenter

Anthony delivers a keynote presentation that you have never experienced before, and will likely never experience again. Anthony shows audiences how to know what other people are thinking, use non-verbal communication to build rapport and also understand the messages their own body language is giving out.

Whether he is reading someone’s mind or giving others the tools to accurately decode people’s nonverbal behaviour, Anthony’s performances are fast paced, interactive and delightfully witty as well as empowering and inspiring. He ensures his audiences have a truly memorable night and a topic of conversation that will be talked about for weeks, months, even years to come.

In the short few years that Englishman Anthony has been in Australia he has made a huge impression. He got the nation’s attention when he appeared on Australia’s Got Talent and successfully read the mind of judge Kyle Sandilands. He then held the entire country in a state of captivation as he mind read his way to become one of the top three semi finalists on the show. He also performed 40 shows in 40 nights in 40 different locations to help raise money and awareness for the McGrath Foundation.

In 2014, Anthony was chosen over all the other mentalists in the world to perform in the international hit production of The Illusionists.

Whether you can believe your eyes or not, you can be certain that watching Anthony Laye in action is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and truly a phenomenon not to be missed.

Anthony Laye talks about:

In his powerful keynote presentation Unspoken Influence, Anthony’s 5-step formula will help build leadership, influence, career growth and networking skills.

Topics include:

  • How non-verbal communication can be used to build rapport and influence
  • The power of body language to create relationships built on trust
  • Understanding your own body language to ensure you’re sending the right message
  • The typical body language messages that you need to look out for day to day

When it comes to understanding non-verbal communication and its powerful influence on relationships, there is no one more qualified to deliver it than Anthony Laye.

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