Andrew May

Entrepreneur & High-performance Expert

Andrew May is one of Australia’s experts on workplace performance and a serial entrepreneur. He has built and sold three business including Good Health Solutions (now trading as Executive Health Solutions), and The Performance Clinic, which he sold to KPMG in 2015.

Andrew remains a Partner at The Performance Clinic assisting organisations to enhance productivity, wellbeing and employee engagement through the high performance of their people.

Andrew began his career as an elite middle distance athlete before studying exercise physiology and sports coaching, recently completing a Masters in Coaching Psychology. He has worked with the NSW and Australian Cricket teams as their Physical Performance Manager, as well as with the Sydney Swans and many Olympic athletes.

Andrew is the author of the bestselling book Flip the Switch, writes a popular blog Performance Matters for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, has a regular segment on ABC News Breakfast and appears regularly on Channel Nine. Andrew delivers energetic and inspiring keynote presentations and workshops around the world.

Andrew has a down-to-earth, direct approach, grounded in the sciences of positive psychology, peak performance and physiology. His high-energy keynotes and workshops address the personal performance challenges we all face and deliver a uniform message about leadership, team work and business success.

Andrew provides your key players with the knowledge and resources to kick more goals more of the time. The way you think affects the way you feel, and the way you feel affects the way you behave. Learning to manage your thoughts has a direct impact on your mood, behaviour and energy.

Let Andrew May help your people to set their new personal best, both at work and at home.

Andrew May talks about:

Personal Best – Using science to improve your personal performance. This workshop supports your employees to develop high-performance habits that boost their mental stamina, renew their energy, keep them fit and healthy throughout the year and increase their productivity.

How the Best Get Better – Learn the strategies that the best of the best follow to sustain high performance all year round. Elite performers from a diverse range of fields including sport, entertainment and business are not born, they are made. Andrew May explores how the best get better using a number of strategies, structures and routines to help improve and sustain performance for the long term.

The 8 Day Week – Are you addicted to email? Do you waste time in bad meetings? How often do you crash and burn in the afternoon? Do colleagues, phone calls and interruptions distract you? In this workshop you will learn a strategic approach to the way you work that will help you take back a day week in productive hours.

Don’t Act Your Age – Have you ever met a 70-year-old who is physically active, healthy, inspiring and invigorating? Or a 40-year-old who is the exact opposite? This keynote inspires your workforce to put their health and wellbeing first. They will learn how the way you eat and move will help you to stay young, healthy and vibrant, leading to greater levels of happiness and feelings of contentment.

Kicking off Both Feet – Resilient people and resilient organisations adapt and thrive better than others in environments of non-stop change, have a greater sense of purpose and social conditioning and have the ability to bounce back quickly following times of stress or hardship. This keynote will teach your workforce new ways to boost energy levels and avoid ‘resilience fatigue’, how to bounce back from difficulties faster and to thrive under pressure.

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